Dinah Mattingly Biography: Inside the Life of Larry Bird’s Wife

Dinah Mattingly (born 16th of November 1954, Age: 69 years old) is the wife of Larry Bird, former NBA basketball player, coach, and executive.

As the wife of one of the greatest basketball players of all time, you would expect Dinah Mattingly to occupy her rightful place in the spotlight and live the glamorous life of a WAG. You would also expect her to land on several reality TV shows but this is not the case for her.

The Indiana State alum prefers keeping a low profile despite her long union with NBA legend, Larry Bird. Mattingly and Bird have been together since their college days and their union continues to thrive. They are focused on raising their children right and have undertaken commendable philanthropic efforts as a duo.

Profile Summary of Dinah Mattingly

  • Full name: Dinah Mattingly Bird
  • Date of birth: 16th of November 1954
  • Age: 69 years old
  • Birthplace: Indiana
  • Nationality: American
  • Siblings: Doug Mattingly
  • Education institution attended: Indiana State University
  • Spouse: Larry Bird
  • Children: Two namely Mariah and Conner Bird

Dinah Mattingly is a Native of Indiana Like Her Husband, Larry Bird

Dinah Mattingly Bird was born on the 16th day of November in 1954. She grew up in Indiana and completed her high school diploma at a local institution. She thereafter enrolled for her college degree at Indiana State University. Dinah has yet to reveal details about her family background and as such, there are several erroneous impressions flying about, including the fact that she is related to legendary baseball coach and player, Don Mattingly.

Don Mattingly played minor league baseball for four seasons before making his MLB debut in 1982. He spent 13 years in the league during which he garnered nine Golden Globe awards, three Silver Slugger awards, and six All-Star nods. He then retired to coach teams such as the Los Angeles Dodgers and the New York Yankees.

Don is one of the most illustrious athletes to come out of Indiana which is also Dinah’s home state. Despite that fact, as well as their similar surnames, they are not related. The only known relative of Dinah’s is a brother named Doug who once worked as a bartender back in the late 80s.

Diana Mattingly
The couple at the 2019 NBA Awards – Image Source

Dinah Mattingly and Larry Bird’s Relationship Started During Their College Days in the Late ’70s

Mattingly did not only receive a college education during her days at Indiana State University but also met the love of her life there. As is common knowledge, Bird first displayed his prodigious basketball talent in high school and scored a scholarship to Indiana University.

He spent just one year there before the turmoil of his personal life, as well as the overwhelming new environment, drove him out of school. Bird spent the next few months attending community college and working as a garbage collector.

He was later convinced to come back to college athletics and this time, he enrolled in Indiana State. Dinah was a student there and at some point, they ran into each other. The two commenced their relationship in the late 70s and even after Bird graduated in 1979, they kept on with their romance.

Dinah was by Bird’s side as he scored his first rookie contract and went on to perform wonderfully well in his first year and the preceding years. She was also there during the peak years of his career in the ’80s when he won three NBA championships and a host of individual accolades such as NBA MVP (3x) and NBA Finals MVP (2x).

Dinah Mattingly
The couple’s daughter, Mariah Bird – Image Source

The Couple Got Married in a Simple Ceremony in 1989

Larry Bird’s wonderful NBA career came with several luxuries for him and Dinah but it also came with lots of pressure. He often had to travel to different parts of the U.S. to play and this couldn’t have been easy for Dinah. They however triumphed against all odds and tied the knot in 1989.

Despite the fact that Larry Bird was a multi-millionaire celebrity at the time, the couple did not embark on a large, glitzy ceremony. They rather kept things simple. The ceremony took place at the house of a mutual friend in Terra Haute, Indiana, and there were only seven people in attendance.

Rather than some fancy suit or designer wedding gown, Dinah Mattingly and Larry Bird choose stonewashed jeans. The marriage was the first for Dinah Mattingly and the second for her husband. Larry Bird’s first wife is a lady named Janet Condra. She was his childhood sweetheart and he ended up marrying her in his first year of college in 1975. Their marriage was quite turbulent and they split in less than a year. They briefly got back together in hopes of reconciliation but it did not work out and they finally separated.

Dinah Mattingly and Larry Bird Adopted Two Children, Conner and Mariah

Dinah Mattingly
Their son, Conner Bird – Image Source

Dinah Mattingly and Larry Bird do not have any biological kids together but they have two adopted children. They are a daughter named Mariah who they adopted in 1991 and a son, Conner, whom they adopted in 1992. Both kids are grown now and are making their own path in life.

Mariah has a college degree and works as an events manager for her father’s former team, the Indiana Pacers organization. On the other hand, Conner holds a degree from Indiana University. His present occupation is not known but he has made the headlines for some negative reasons in the past.

Back in 2011, Conner was arrested for underage drinking and misconduct. By 2013, he was charged with battery, criminal recklessness, and possession of marijuana after his ex-girlfriend alleged that he attempted to hit her with his car. He denied these charges and later reached a plea deal with the authorities.

The maximum penalty of one-year imprisonment and a $5,000 fine was deferred for 12 months on the condition that he would comply with several stipulations, including participating in a mentoring program and not committing any further criminal offenses. It seems Conner abided by this as he did not make the news on this issue again.

Her Husband Also Has a Daughter Named Corrie From His First Marriage

Dinah Mattingly
Corrie and her husband, Trent
Image Source

Asides from the two adopted kids, Dinah’s husband has a biological daughter named Corrie with his first wife, Janet. Corrie was born in 1977 and due to the bad relationship between her parents at the time, her father didn’t know how to relate with her. He gave up primary custody to her mother but made sure to send consistent child support.

This was all well and good but Corrie wanted her father’s presence and not his money. She did well in athletics in school and would often send him progress reports but there was never a response from him. Even during his official retirement ceremony, she asked to attend but he ignored her.

This made Corrie very sad but she never gave up hope on establishing contact with her father. Thankfully, things have improved and this is due to Dinah’s help. She sent Corrie some NBA tickets and the young lady got to interact with her father at the game. That improving relation continues to date and Bird has described Corrie as a fine and beautiful young lady. According to him, even though he did not know how to handle the situation with her mom, he was nevertheless proud of her. He loves her and is always there when she needs him.

Dinah Mattingly and Her Husband Have Supported Several Charity Initiatives Over the Years

Dinah Mattingly
The couple at a game – Image Source

Dinah Mattingly and Larry Bird have been married for 35 years now and their union keeps on waxing strong. The couple has lived in gorgeous homes in places such as Chicago, Florida, and Indiana. They have stuck together through all the highs and lows. Dinah defended her husband during the twilight days of his career when fans were urging him to retire as a result of a drop in performance. She was also there when he received a lifetime achievement award in 2019.

The couple now maintains a low profile and Larry Bird has served as a coach and president of basketball operations for the Indiana Pacers. It is not known what Dinah Mattingly does for a living but she has joined her husband’s charity initiative. Unlike other famous personalities who display their acts of kindness publicly, Dinah and her husband prefer giving money under the table. It means that much of their charity work goes unnoticed but they wouldn’t have it any other way as the most important thing for them is that they care.

Key Facts

  1. Who is Dinah Mattingly? Dinah Mattingly is best known as the wife of Larry Bird, a retired professional basketball player and NBA executive. Born on November 16, 1954, in West Baden Springs, Indiana, Dinah has been married to Larry Bird since 1989.
  2. What is known about Dinah Mattingly’s career? Not much is publicly known about Dinah Mattingly’s career. Unlike her high-profile husband, she has largely stayed out of the spotlight and the details of her professional life have remained private.
  3. What is Dinah Mattingly’s net worth? Dinah Mattingly’s estimated net worth is about $2 million as of 2023, according to media reports.
  4. Does Dinah Mattingly have children? Yes, Dinah Mattingly and Larry Bird have two adopted children together: a daughter named Mariah and a son named Connor.
  5. Who are Dinah Mattingly’s children? Dinah Mattingly and Larry Bird adopted two children: a daughter, Mariah, who leads the events management wing of the Indiana Pacers basketball team, and a son, Connor, who has had several run-ins with the law. Details about Connor’s current career are not public knowledge.
  6. Who is Dinah Mattingly’s stepdaughter? Dinah Mattingly’s stepdaughter is Corrie Bird, Larry Bird’s daughter from his first marriage to Janet Condra.
  7. How old is Dinah Mattingly? Dinah Mattingly was born on November 16, 1954, which makes her 68 years old as of June 2023.
  8. How tall is Dinah Mattingly? Dinah Mattingly stands at around 5 feet, 5 inches tall.
  9. When and where did Dinah Mattingly and Larry Bird get married? Dinah Mattingly and Larry Bird got married on October 31, 1989. Their wedding took place in a modest ceremony held at the home of a mutual friend in Terra Haute, Indiana.
  10. What is Dinah Mattingly’s involvement in charity? Dinah Mattingly is known to participate in charitable activities, although she does so without publicizing her efforts. The specifics of these activities have not been disclosed.
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