Deborah Jennifer Stern Biography: Truth About Howard Stern’s Daughter

As the daughter of one of the most controversial and colorful media personalities in the world, one would expect Deborah Jennifer Stern to be similarly outgoing but this is not so. The daughter of the world-renowned radio/TV personality, Howard Stern, rather prefers to live her life out of the spotlight. This makes it a bit difficult to tell what the younger Stern is up to but one thing that is for sure is that she is doing well for herself. Asides from the fact that she has a college degree and is pursuing a viable career, she is also making waves in her personal life.

Deborah Jennifer Stern’s Profile Summary

  • Full name: Deborah Jennifer Stern
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of birth: 9th of May 1986
  • Deborah Jennifer Stern’s Age: 39
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Nationality: American
  • Zodiac Sign: Taurus
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Education institution attended: Washington University
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Deborah Jennifer Stern’s Husband: Colin Christy
  • Deborah Jennifer Stern’s Parents: Howard Stern and Alison Berns
  • Siblings: Beth Emily and Ashley Jade Stern
  • Deborah Jennifer Stern’s Height in Inches: 5 feet 7 inches
  • Deborah Jennifer Stern’s Height in Centimetres: 170 cm
  • Deborah Jennifer Stern’s Weight: 60kg (132lbs)
  • Deborah Jennifer Stern’s Net worth: $1 million
  • Famous for: Howard Stern daughter

Deborah Jennifer Stern is One of Three Daughters Born to Howard Stern, the Legendary Radio Personality

Deborah Jennifer Stern is 39 years old as she was born on the 9th of May 1986. Her nationality is American while her ethnicity is Caucasian. She also has Jewish roots and this is thanks to her famous dad, Howard Stern. A New Yorker, Howard Stern began his career as a radio jockey during his college days at Boston University. He then went on to hone his skills at radio stations in places such as Connecticut and Michigan before a hugely successful stint in Washington D.C. in the 80s.

Thanks to his humor and provocative comments, Howard Stern midwived his eponymous radio show into a nationally syndicated one that has dominated the airwaves from the 80s to the present day. He has received several accolades for his work. He is also the beneficiary of several juicy contracts from Sirius XM, including one worth $500 million. Asides from his work on radio, Howard Stern has penned bestselling memoirs and featured in multi-million dollar grossing films. He has also served as a judge on America’s Got Talent and now has a fortune worth $650 million.

Deborah Jennifer Stern
Deborah with her dad and sisters Image Source

Deborah Jennifer Stern’s Mom, Alison Berns, is a Licensed Psychoanalyst

Alison Berns is a native of Massachusetts and was born on the 26th of May 1954. She grew up in Boston and completed her bachelor’s degree there. She later headed out to Columbia University in New York where she obtained a master’s of social work in psychotherapy and psychoanalysis. Alison Berns also holds a certification in psychoanalysis from the Suffolk Institute for Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis.

She is now a licensed clinical social worker and runs her own private practice in Roselyn Heights New York. The practice has been on for over two decades and she focuses on emotional issues and life cycle transitions such as marriage, childbirth, divorce, trauma, loss, self-image issues, and eating disorders.

Deborah Jennifer Stern
Deborah’s Mom – Alison Image Source

Deborah Jennifer Stern’s Parents Were College Sweethearts and Were Married For Over Two Decades

Deborah Jennifer Stern’s parents first met each other during their college days. They took a shine to each other and within a week, Howard knew that he would end up marrying Alison. He however took things slow and they later got engaged. They then wed on the 4th of June 1978. The couple initially spent the first few years of their married life in places such as Washington D.C. However by 1982, Howard landed a steady role in New York and they accordingly relocated.

The Big Apple served as their home for so many years as they went on to triumph in their respective careers. They also nurtured the three daughters that they were blessed with. Their first daughter was Emily Beth born on the 7th of May 1983 while Deborah Jennifer followed in May 1986. The couple’s last child together, Ashley Jade, was born on the 24th of January 1993. Howard and Alison initially provided a moderate life for their daughters but as his career soared, they became quite wealthy and comfortable. They also became popular personalities in New York and beyond.

Deborah Jennifer Stern
Deborah’s parents, Howard and Alison Image Source

They Divorced in 1999 and Deborah Jennifer Split Her Time Between Both Parents

Howard Stern and Alison Berns really had a great marriage but they sadly separated in 1999. Their divorce was largely amicable and was finalized in 2001. Despite the amicability of the divorce, it nevertheless took a toll on their kids. Deborah Jennifer was about 13 years old at the time of the divorce and was quite saddened by the fact that her parents, who were so much in love, got a divorce. This most likely made her question a lot of things that she believed in but she had no choice but to move on with her life.

Deborah Jennifer Stern primarily grew up with her mom while her dad had visitation rights and partial custody. He also paid generous child support and she lacked nothing. She had all the luxuries that the child of a celebrity would normally have. It however wasn’t all rosy a childhood for Deborah. Her dad instilled in her and her sisters that belief that they were different and all eyes were on them. While this was supposedly for their protection, it wasn’t healthy and made it difficult for them to have a normal adolescence.

Deborah Jennifer Stern
Deborah’s parents with her elder sister, Beth Image Source

Deborah Jennifer Stern Graduated From Washington University in 2008

Despite the whole debacle of her father’s fame, as well as her parent’s divorce, Deborah Jennifer Stern did well in her studies and completed her high school diploma in regular time. She thereafter enrolled in Washington University in St. Louis for her college studies. Deborah spent four years at Washington University during which her mom and sisters supported her. Her dad also visited her several times and this outpouring of love gave her the audacity to do well.

She completed her studies and her family was on hand to watch her receive her degree in 2008. It was quite a nostalgic time for all involved and her dad later took the whole family out for dinner. With her degree in hand, Deborah Jennifer Stern can earn her living through several sources. Her occupation is however not known as she has yet to reveal the same.

She is Married to Sculptor and Painter, Colin Christy

Deborah Jennifer Stern
Deborah and Colin

Deborah Jennifer Stern’s husband is a designer, artist, and craftsman named Colin Christy. Christy is half Japanese and grew up in Salt Lake City. He received his Bachelor of Fine Art in Sculpture from Washington University in 2008. He has since lived and traveled all over the world, and currently lives in Oakland, California. He has exhibited internationally in Vietnam and Italy, and nationally across the USA. In 2015, Colin started a successful furniture design company called Hapa Inaba. The company deals in sustainable pieces using traditional Japanese design.

Deborah and Colin first met and began dating during their college days. They were able to sustain their romance for several years and finally got married on the 8th of October 2016 in San Francisco. The wedding featured their loved ones and was officiated by the bride’s elder sister named Beth. The couple has been married for several years now and lives very private lives. As such, it is hard to tell whether they have kids or not. Then again, Deborah is the daughter of a very famous personality and if he were to become a grandfather, that will normally make the news.

Deborah Jennifer Stern Has Two Sisters – Emily and Ashley

Deborah Jennifer Stern
Image Source

Deborah Jennifer Stern has two siblings and the first is her elder sister, Emily Beth. Beth was born on the 7th of May 1893 and is three years older. She graduated from the NYU Tisch School of the Arts and has pursued a career as a poet, actress, and casting director. Emily has had a strained relationship with their dad and they have clashed over her Jewish faith. She has also stated that his penchant for talking graphically about sex put her off dating.

Deborah’s second sibling is her younger sister, Ashley Jade, Ashley was born on the 24th of January 1993 and is seven years younger. She stays out of the spotlight and as such, it is difficult to know what she is up to in her career or education. She however has a close relationship with their dad and has been spotted at NBA games with him and his current wife, Beth Ostrosky.

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