Christina Milian’s Ethnicity, Nationality and Parents

Christina Milian’s ethnicity is Afro-Cuban although her nationality is American. Her parents Don Flores and Carmen Milian, are both originally from Cuba.

Christina Milian is an actress/singer who has been in the entertainment business for quite a while now since she made her screen debut in a couple of episodes of the TV series Sister, Sister in 1996. She has since gone on to appear in several other movies and TV shows such as American Pie, Love Don’t Cost A Thing while also releasing a handful of musical albums. Like several other mixed-ethnic celebrities in the US, there’s more to Christina’s identity than meets the eye and this article explores it in detail.

Christina Milian Was Born in New Jersey to Parents of Cuban Origin

Christina Milian was born Christine Marie Flores on September 26, 1981, in Jersey City, New Jersey, United States. The aforementioned details of the actress’ birth confirm her status as an American citizen, despite her slightly complicated ethnic identity.

In that regard, Christina is of Afro-Cuban ethnicity. She is predominantly Latino but with a mix of African roots even though both of her parents, Don Flores and Carmen Milian, were born in Cuba. Her mother’s family moved to the US when her mother (Carmen) was around five years old, and settled in the predominantly Latino community of New Jersey.

The move helped them stay in touch with their roots as Latinos, and Carmen’s parents even forbade her from conversing in the English Language when they were home, a similar tactic that she would use with her own children.

Although she was born in Jersey City, Milian spent the earliest part of her formative years in Waldorf, Maryland, after her parents moved the family to that location when she was no more than a child. When she was 13 years old though, Christina’s artistic talents convinced her mother that it was time for them to move to a location where those talents would get even more visibility.

The location they chose was none other than Los Angeles, California, and not long after the move, the actress’ parents ended their more than-a-decade-long marriage.

As previously alluded to, Christina Milian could just as easily claim her Cuban national heritage as she does her American national identity because of her parents, Don and Carmen.

The actress has always revealed how much impact her parents have had on her existence, and it seems only fair to let our readers in on a little bit more about the celebrity parents, and how they became Christina’s parents.

Her Father Don Flores Was Born and Raised In Cuba

But for his familial connection to the actress/singer, the general public and the media would most likely not be concerned about who Don Flores is. However, his status as Christina’s father has meant that several details of his existence have popped up on the internet including the fact that he was born on June 30, 1962, in Havana, Cuba.

He is currently 61 years old, and his birth sign is Cancer. However, the celebrity dad has yet to reveal any important details of his early life including who his parents were, whether he went to school, or how old he was when he migrated to the United States.

Don Flores is 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighs 276 lbs. He has a very close relationship with his celebrity daughter even though his marriage to her mother ended several decades ago. He is reportedly married to a woman named Susan Rogers and they have been married since 2002 but they don’t appear to have any children together yet.

Her Mother, Carmen Milian, Has Been Her Manager for a Long Time

Like the man who fathered her daughter Christina, Carmen Milian was born in Havana, Cuba, on October 3, 1963, a fact that meant that the age difference between her and her ex-husband is just over a year. Carmen spent the first five years of her life in Cuba before her family relocated to the United States in 1968, settling in New Jersey.

Carmen Milian’s status as a celebrity is equally tied to the fact that she is Christina Milian’s mother, as such, there is not much information available about members of her birth family including her parents and siblings. Carmen certainly comes across as a sufficiently educated woman but details of her formal educational background have yet to become public knowledge.

She has been Christina’s manager for quite a while now, and despite the challenges that have trailed that position in her daughter’s life, she has found a way to make it work. The relationship between Christina and her mother has also grown beyond the mother-daughter kind to the point where they are now business partners.

The pair jointly own Viva Diva Wines, a winery they purchased a few years after Christina had been a brand ambassador to them. In addition, Carmen is also a producer, a fact that was revealed following her significant creative role in the production of the reality TV show Turned Up.

Christina Milian

Christina Milian’s Parents Spent 14 Years as a Married Couple

According to several reliable forces, Don Flores and Carmen met sometime in the late 1970s. However, the finer details of their relationship including when they started dating, and how long the dating period lasted have been overshadowed by the events that occurred in the union after they eventually tied the knot in front of family and friends in 1980.

Their marriage would, however, last for about 14 years and ended after their divorce was finalized in 1994. Christina was only 13 years old at the time and the timeline of her parents’ split coincided with her mom’s decision to move them to Los Angeles, California, to enhance Christina’s career opportunities.

The reason for her parent’s divorce has never been expressly stated but the events that led up to the inevitable marital breakup suggest the distance created by the move to Los Angeles, while her father remained in Maryland, may have played a significant part in ending the marriage.

Christina Milian has Two Younger Sisters

As previously mentioned, Christina’s parents had other children after the actress was born. The actress has two younger siblings, both of whom are now full-grown women with families of their own.

The oldest of those two younger sisters, Danielle Whitney Flores, is currently 38 years old, around half a decade younger than the actress. She was born on March 2, 1986, and works as a hairstylist. She is married to a media personality named Richard Dickerson. They have been together since 2013 and have three children together even though the youngest Bear Dickerson died on August 26, 2015, a day after he was born on August 25, 2015.

Christina Milian’s youngest sibling, Elizabeth Flores, was born on August 13, 1987. She is currently 36 years old and is a mother of one son through a previous marriage.

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