Brett Favre Net Worth and How He Made His Money

Brett Favre has a net worth of $100 million. The 6 feet 2 inches tall former NFL quarterback mostly made his fortune from his career earnings in American football.

Apart from football, Favre also earned from other sources. He once worked as a high school coach and a football analyst for his alma mater, Southern Miss. He also made a lot of money through endorsement deals and TV ads. Brett made extensive investments in the business world – he has stakes in restaurants, real estate, stock, and many more, and even though his football earning stopped, he still rakes in a jaw-dropping income from other sources.

What is Brett Favre’s Net Worth Now?

Brett Favre is known as one of the richest NFL players of all time with a whopping net worth of $100 million.

The former quarterback spent his heydays in football making history and breaking set records with four of the League’s top teams. His escapades led him to earn over $20 million in annual salary.

2010 was Brett’s highest earning year as he smiled to the bank with a base salary of $12 million, plus a signing bonus of $4.4 million totaling $16.4 million. At the end of his entire football career which spanned 20 years, Brett received a total of $140 million from football salaries alone.

Football was obviously Brett’s major source of income but the QB was smart enough to diversify his income sources. He was raking in a huge sum from endorsements and sponsorships. At the peak of his NFL career, Favre’s endorsements earnings alone came to $9 million annually and there were occasions it went from $15 million to $18 million.

With that said, we must also factor in what he earns through his post-NFL career as an analyst, coach, businessman, investor, entertainer, and many more.

Brett Favre’s Net Worth Sources

As earlier mentioned, Brett Favre had various income sources; football, coaching, endorsements, and more. He made a lion’s share of his wallet as a professional quarterback in the NFL, starting with the Atlanta Falcons.

Playing Career

After he declared for the NFL draft in 1991, Brett Favre was drafted by the Falcons as the 33rd overall pick during the second round. The 19th of July 1991 marked his rookie contract with the Falcons in a three-year, US$1.4 million deal with a signing bonus that spanned between $350,000 to $400,000.

Brett encountered issues with Falcon’s head coach Jerry Glanville who declined to approve his draft. According to Glanville, it would probably take a plane crash to convince him to field Brett in his games. This led to Favre’s early trading to the Green Bay Packers.

Brett Favre Spent 16 Years with the Green Bay Packers

On the 11th of February 1992, Brett Favre was traded to the Green Bay Packers, and the team’s general manager, Ron Wolf was eager to receive and filed him in matches.

On joining the Packers, Brett performed outstandingly well, leading the NFL team to offer him a $19 –million deal for five years in 1994. Three years later in 1997, he was presented with a $47 million seven-year extension deal which didn’t come as a surprise since he led the Packers to a Superbowl the previous year, 1996.

Brett Favre hit an all-time high in his career earnings in 2001 when the Packers gave him another extension deal. The two parties eventually agreed on a $101 million ten-year contract that saw the QB spend his most active years with the team and that was where he evolved into the legend we all love.

During his 16 years with the NFL team, Brett led the Packers to win Super Bowl XXXI against the team of the New England Patriots. Between 1995 to 1997, the QB became the sole footballer to win the Associated Press NFL Most Valuable Player Award three times consecutively. In 1995-1997, and 2003, he was named NFL’s four-time passing touchdowns leader. 1995 and 1998 were when emerged as the league’s two-time passing yards leader and in 1998, Brett was dubbed NFL completion leader, bagging the Bert Bell award in 1995 and 96 consecutively.

It is not in doubt that Brett Favre made the most of his fortune with the Packers and the ex-QB has continued to be grateful.

From the Packers to the New York Jets

After his career with the Packers came to an end in 2007, there were rumors of Brett Favre’s possible retirement. However, he was eventually traded to the New York Jets on August 7th, 2008. For one season with the Jets, Brett inked a deal of $28 million.

Brett Favre Joined the Minnesota Vikings for the 2009–2010 Season

On the 18th of August 2009, Brett Favre went to pitch his tent with the Minnesota Vikings, signing a two-year contract worth $25 million. This marked the QB’s two largest season paydays in his entire career life.

After he recorded his debut with the Vikings in the season opener when the team played against the Cleveland Browns, an announcement was made that the 2010 season was going to be his last.

Endorsements Formed a Few Digits of His Bank Balance

It is common knowledge that successful athletes attract top-notch brands who would want to leverage their fame in selling their products and needless to say, Brett Favre was in high demand.

While playing in the National Football League, he promoted and endorsed brands like Nike, Remington hunting rifles, Snapper, Sears, and Sensodyne. Others include Prilosec, MasterCard, Bergstrom Automotive, Wrangler jeans, and Hyundai.

Currently, Favre is making appearances in television adverts for Copper Fit and has been functioning as a spokesperson for several firms. In 2010 alone, he raked in over 7 million in endorsement deals and there were years that he amassed as much as $15-18 million. Though he is now retired from active play, the QB still gets paid by several of these companies.

Brett Favre Made a Good Chunk from His Post-NFL Career

After his NFL career, Brett Favre went into several other jobs in both the football field and other areas where he made lasting impacts.

His Gig as Football Analysis in his Alma Mater

He returned to Southern Miss his alma mater where he became their football analyst. A few months down the line, he joined the National Football League to cover the pregame of Super Bowl XLVII and according to reports, NFL Network offered him the post of an on-air analyst but he declined the offer.

Offensive Coordinator at Oak Grove High School 

Part of Favre’s post-NFL career included working at Oak Grove High School as its offensive coordinator in 2012. For the ensuing two years, he led the school to several wins but an announcement that came in 2014 said his contract as the school’s offensive coordinator has ended but that does not stop him from lending a helping hand in his free time.

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