Biography and Life of José Trinidad Marín, Jenni Rivera’s First Husband

For several years, José Trinidad Marín was only known as the emotionally and physically abusive ex-husband of famous singer Jenni Rivera. However, it turned out that things were so much worse as Marín had equally molested his own daughters and his wife’s younger sister. What would follow was 10 years on the run as a fugitive, but the police eventually caught up with him. He was subsequently tried and sentenced to jail, a place that he remains till this very day. Marín’s famous ex-wife has passed away, but his daughters remain very much alive and are now mending fences with their dad, thanks to the healing power of time.

Profile Summary of José Trinidad Marín

  • Full Name: José Trinidad Marín
  • Date of Birth: 15th of February 1964
  • Age: 57 Years Old
  • Birth Place: Mexico
  • Nationality: Mexican-American
  • Wife: Jenni Rivera (1985 to 1992)
  • Children: 3, namely Chiquis, Jacqie, and Michael
  • Height: 5 feet 10 inches
  • Weight: 67 kg

José Trinidad Marín Originally Hails from Mexico and immigrated to the U.S. as a Child

While Jenni Rivera was born in the U.S. as the daughter of Mexican immigrants, José Trinidad Marín was born in Mexico on 15th February 1964. He spent his early years in his motherland, and his family lovingly gave him the nickname – Trino. The family later immigrated to the United States, and Jose continued his education there. He possibly completed high school before striking out to make a living. The young José worked a variety of odd jobs to make ends meet. He never managed to build a steady career; Marín rather worked in various industries, including the hospitality industry, where he rose to the position of a restaurant manager.

He and Jenni Rivera Got Married While She Was Still in High School

José Trinidad Marín and Jenni Rivera began their relationship in the early 80s. At the time, Rivera was still in high school, and she fell pregnant with their child. This was in 1984, and they got married that same year. They then welcomed their first child, a daughter named Chiquis Jarney Marín Rivera, the following year. At the time that Jose Marín got married to Jenni Rivera, he was 20 years old. On her part, Rivera was just 15 years old and still in her sophomore year of high school.

The whole marriage and baby thing made her consider dropping out of school, but luckily she had supportive teachers and went on to complete her high school diploma. Marín and Rivera would stay married for about eight years, during which they welcomed two additional kids named Jacqie Melina Marín (born 30th of November 1989) and Trinidad Angelo Marín Rivera (born 11th of September 1991).

They Divorced After Eight Years Due to Physical and Emotional Abuse

Jose Trinidad Marin
Jose Trinidad and Jenni Rivera (Image Source)

Given their age and circumstances surrounding their marriage, Jose Marín and Jenni Rivera didn’t have much to their name and likely faced tough economic challenges. Things later got worse after José began abusing his wife emotionally and physically. The abuse largely stemmed from the fact that he wanted his wife to drop out of college and basically be a stay-at-home mom to the kids. She rejected such a proposition, and he resorted to physically and emotionally abusing her to enforce his will.

Rivera, who had grown up with four brothers, occasionally fought back. She tried to cope, but at some point, it all became too much, and she attempted to take her own life twice. Luckily, her attempts failed, and she found the courage to file for divorce in 1992. The couple’s divorce did not take much time to finalize as Jenni Rivera wasn’t yet a singer then, and there was no property or money to squabble over. The only issue that might have posed a problem between the couple was their children’s custody, but their three kids were quite young, so custody was awarded to their mom.

José Marín Was Convicted of Sexually Molesting his Daughters and Sister-in-Law in 2007

Physically and emotionally abusing his wife wasn’t the worst thing that José Trinidad Marín did during his marriage to Jenni Rivera. It later turned out that the fellow had also sexually abused his wife’s younger sister, Rosie Rivera, and two daughters. The abuse first started with a then-7-year-old Rosie in 1988, and Marín threatened to harm her if she dared reveal what was going on to anybody. This, of course, scared the young girl into silence for the next few years. Rivera would later divorce José in 1992, but this did not mark the end of the abuse that Rosie suffered.

She often had to take the couple’s daughters, Chiquis and Jacqie, to visit their father, and he took that opportunity to molest her. He also started abusing his eldest daughter, Chiquis, in 1993, when she was just 8 years old. As was his usual M.O., Jose also threatened to harm Chiquis if she sold him out to anyone. Therefore, the little girl kept quiet, and her dad only stopped abusing her when she revealed to one of his girlfriends that she had started menstruating. Overall, José Trinidad Marín sexually abused his sister-in-law and eldest daughter from 1988 to 1997 when Rosie found the courage to report the matter to Jenni.

Jenni was quite devastated and immediately contacted law enforcement. Their investigations revealed that José also abused his younger daughter, Jackie, and they began searching for him in earnest. Having realized that the game was up, Jose Marín fled from Long Beach and relocated to Riverside County, California. There, he assumed a new identity and started his life afresh. He evaded capture for nearly 10 years but was apprehended in April 2006. He was charged with multiple counts of offenses, including child rape, continuous sexual abuse of a child, and aggravated sexual abuse of a child under 14.

The trial lasted for several months, during which José Marín maintained his innocence. His lawyer accused his ex-wife of orchestrating the whole thing as a P.R. stunt to revive her fledgling career. It was indeed an emotionally charged trial, and Jose Marín was found guilty of about eight offenses at the end of it all. He was therefore sentenced to 31 years of jail time without parole in June 2007. The judge described child molestation as amongst the three most horrendous crimes in the world and stated that molesting one’s one child is a betrayal of the worst kind.

José Trinidad Marín Remains in Jail and has Reconciled with his Daughters

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It has been more than a decade since José Trinidad Marín was convicted for abusing his own kids, and he remains in jail in California. He is now said to be a good person and an ardent Christian who studies his bible frequently. Jose has made two parole applications to the prison authorities, but this has not been successful. They were rumors that he would be granted parole in 2018, but this did not materialize. On a good note, José Trinidad Marín has received forgiveness from the three persons he wronged the most. His eldest daughter, Chiquis, previously stated in 2015 that she has forgiven him but wants no form of contact with him.

Her heart has since mellowed, and she accepted a phone call from him before her 2019 wedding. That phone call was arranged by her younger sister Jacqie. Jacqie has completely forgiven her dad and visited him in jail. She has even posted a photo of them together on Instagram and stated that no crime was too big for God to forgive. Another person that has also been forgiving towards José Marín is Rosie Rivera. She has not spoken with him but says she will like him to join her conference for sexual abuse victims if he gets out on parole. There is no doubt that such a forgiving spirit has helped José Marin’s children in their personal life.

His eldest daughter, Chiquis, is now 36 years old and is an award-winning Banda singer, while his younger daughter, Jacqie, is now 31 years old and a singer and fitness influencer. She is also married and has four kids. José’s only son, Trinidad Angelo Marín Rivera is now 30 years old. He commonly goes by the name Michael and is a notable murals artist.

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