Ayumu Hirano’s Parents, Ethnicity and Nationality Explored

Ayumu Hirano’s Parents are Hidenori Hirano and Tomiko Hirano. The talented snowboarder, Olympic skateboarder, and three-time Olympic medalist holds Japanese nationality and is of Asian ethnicity.

Ayumu Hirano’s parents gave him the right platform to thrive from a very young age. Though his father was a surfer and owned a surf shop, Ayumu didn’t like surfing much but chose skateboarding instead, like his brother Eiju.

Ayumu began his skateboarding journey at the age of 4 and joined the skateboarding team “e-Yume Kids” at Nihonkai Skate Park. He also joined skateboarding competitions, and at 14, he scooped the title of the youngest medalist in X Games history when he won the silver medal in the superpipe in the 2013 Winter X Games XVII.

What is Ayumu Hirano’s Ethnicity?

The three-time Olympic medalist was born in Murakami, a small coastal city in Niigata Prefecture, Japan. His parents are both Japanese which makes Ayumu’s ethnicity Asian. The skateboarder was also raised in the city of Murakami by his parents, who saw the potential he possessed right from the beginning and supported him in the best possible ways.

In his birth city of Murakami, Ayumu started skateboarding at age 4 after picking an interest while watching his brother Eiju. He also learned snowboarding at the same time and was a natural at both.

What is Ayumu Hirano’s Nationality?

Being born in Japan to Japanese parents, Ayumu Hirano is Japanese by nationality. He has become quite a star in his home country through his exploits as an athlete. His snowboarding expertise has also seen him explore other countries of the world. However, his only known nationality at this time is Japanese.

All the children born to the Hirano family are drawn to sports, precisely snowboarding. In addition to Ayumu being a successful Olympic snowboarder, his brother Kaishu is also an athlete. Like Ayumu, Kaishu is a Japanese Olympic snowboarder. One of his recent competitions took place at the 2022 Winter Olympics.

He was the Japanese snowboarder at the 2020 Winter Youth Olympics, where he won a silver medal and scooped a bronze medal at the 2022 Winter X Games in Aspen, Colorado. Kaishu broke the world record for height on a superpipe trick at the 2022 Winter Olympics while competing in the men’s halfpipe.

Who Are Ayumu Hirano’s Parents?

Below are all the facts you need to know about the parents of Ayumu Hirano.

Ayumu Hirano’s Father Is a Surfer and Played a Huge Role in his Career

Ayumu Hirano’s father, Hidenori Hirano, was a surfer in his heydays and harbored the intention to channel his son to the same profession. Contrary to his father’s wish, Ayumu chose skateboarding which he copied from his brother. Nevertheless, Hidenori supported his son’s choice of a career path and helped him grow in it.

Hidenori would often drive Ayumu to Yokone ski resort located in Yamagata Prefecture to use the halfpipe there as there was none in their hometown. Though 4 meters narrower than the standard world halfpipe, Yamagata Prefecture was home to the first official permanent halfpipe in Japan, and this was where most snowboarders and skateboarders trained.

From competing as a surfer, Ayumu’s father later opened a surf shop. He also created a skate park dubbed Nihonkai Skate Park in their hometown of Murakami. Over the years, Hidenori has helped Ayumu rise through the ranks as a skateboarder, attracting a deal from Burton, a big snowboarding brand in the field.

Ayumu Hirano’s Mother is Tomiko Hirano

Tomiko Hirano is the mother of Japanese Skateboarder Ayumu Hirano, who gave birth to him on November 29, 1998. Her date of birth is unknown, and her career endeavors are also not public knowledge.

Tomiko’s only claim to fame is her relationship with the Japanese skateboarder who is very famous and successful in his career.

One of the gifts Tomio gave her son is his name. She gave him the name Ayumu (歩夢), meaning “walk the dream” (歩=walk, 夢=dream). Her wish for her son to grow up to be someone who goes after their dream and sees it come to fulfillment has been fulfilled.

Ayumu Haniro’s Parents Have Three Children

While it is widely known that Ayumu is the son of Hidenori Hirano, Tomiko Hirano, he is not the only one. The couple has three sons, namely Ayumu, Kaishu, and Eiju. Ayumu was born on November 29, 1998, while Kaishu’s date of birth was October 14, 2002. However, the actual date Eiju was born is not yet public knowledge. Thus, it is likely that Ayumu is the family’s first child.

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