Aneliz Álvarez Alcalá: The Truth About Pepe Aguilar’s Wife

Aneliz Álvarez Alcalá is the wife of Grammy-Award-winning Mexican-American singer and songwriter Pepe Aguilar. Like most celebrity spouses, Aneliz Álvarez Alcalá became well known after her marriage to the renowned singer.

Naturally, when you marry someone who is rich and famous, their career and fame overshadow your personal endeavors, which is the case with Aneliz. However, that is not to say that she doesn’t have a life of her own, only that she has kept most of her personal and professional life out of the media.

Besides, she is a big support system for her husband and runs some businesses with him as her partner. One of such establishments is a clothing line called Pepe Aguilar Línea de Calzado. Below are some of the interesting facts you need to know about Pepe Aguilar’s wife.

Aneliz Álvarez Alcalá’s Biography Summary

  • Full name: Aneliz Álvarez Alcalá
  • Gender: Female
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Nationality: Mexican, American
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Aneliz Álvarez Alcalá’s Husband: Pepe Aguilar
  • Aneliz Álvarez Alcalá’s Children: Aneliz Aguilar, Leonardo Aguilar, and Ángela Aguilar.
  • Aneliz Álvarez Alcalá’s Net worth: $200,000
  • Famous for: Pepe Aguilar’s wife
  • Aneliz Álvarez Alcalá’s Instagram: @anelizzilena

Who Is Aneliz Álvarez Alcalá?

Aneliz Álvarez Alcalá has done quite well in keeping most of her personal and professional details away from the media. For instance, despite being one of the most researched celebrity spouses online, her date of birth and most information about her family, early life, and professional life are not available for public consumption.

Some sources, however, say she was born and raised in the United States of America. Another unverified source claims she was born on 8th December 1960 and attended Oaks Christian High School, where she was active in sports.

However, the only clue we have about her family was one she once shared on Instagram. She once uploaded a photo of her mother and sister on Instagram but carefully left out their names. It is uncertain if those two are the only family members she has or if there are more.

She Has Been Pepe Aguilar’s Wife Since 1997

Aneliz Álvarez Alcalá has been married to the famous singer Pepe for over two decades and a half. According to several reports, the duo met when Aneliz featured Pepe’s brother’s (Antonio Aguilar Jr) music video.

It was literally love at first sight. After that meeting, they began dating. They dated for a few years before they took their relationship to the next level. In 1997, the lovebirds tied the knots in a small wedding attended by only close family members and family and have remained married ever since.

She is not Pepe’s first wife. The singer was married to Carmen Trevino in 1991. it is unclear how their marriage ended and when they got a divorce. Pepe and Carmen had a son together.

Aneliz Álvarez Alcalá And Pepe Have Three Children

Aneliz shares 3 kids with her husband, Pepe Aguilar. The couple welcomed their first child, Aneliz Aguilar, on 7th April 1998. The following year, they welcomed their second child, a son Leonardo Aguilar (born 15th August 1999). In October 2003, they became parents for the third time when their daughter, Ángela Aguilar, was born (8th October 2003).

Leonardo and Anglea have followed in their father’s footsteps. They are both renowned Mexican singers. Leonardo started quite early. In 2012, he released an album titled Nueva Tradición, alongside his sister, Ángela Aguilar. The album had a total of eight songs: four of which were written by Leonardo and four by Ángela.

In 2016, he released his first solo album Gallo Fino, which his father produced, and by the following year, he was nominated for two Latin Grammy Awards. On the other hand, Angela became famous after performing “La Llorona” at the 19th Annual Latin Grammy Awards in 2019.

A year before (2018), she released her solo album Primero Soy Mexicana. She has also been nominated for two Latin Grammy Awards and a Grammy Award. She has become one of the youngest artists to be nominated for both awards. Her eldest child, Aneliz, is a well-known fashionista on social media.

Her Stepson Was Once Arrested And Jailed For Smuggling

Aneliz Álvarez Alcalá is also a step mother to Jose Emiliano Aguilar. A son Pepe had with his first wife, actress Carmen Trevino. Sometime in 2017, Emiliano was arrested after he tried to smuggle four Chinese immigrants into San Diego via the trunk of his car.

Aguilar, who is said to be having mental health issues and using marijuana at the time, pleaded guilty and was sentenced to eighteen days in jail but was later released on bond.

Aneliz Álvarez’s Net Worth Is Estimated At $200,000

Aneliz Álvarez’s net worth is currently estimated at $200,000. It is not on record what she does for a living; thus, a bit difficult to state if her net worth is commensurate to her job. However, in 2009, she cofounded a clothing line alongside her husband called Pepe Aguilar Línea de Calzado. The clothing line caters to both men’s and women’s outfits.

He has other businesses, which include a Signature Collection which he runs through WSS Warehouse Shoe Sale retailer in the US. He also owns a record label that comes off as one of the best in Latin America. Besides co-founding Pepe Aguilar Línea de Calzado, Aneliz Álvarez may also be involved in running one or two of these businesses.

She Was Once Kidnapped

Aneliz was once kidnapped in Mexico. Speaking to Mario Lopez in an interview, Pepe revealed that the incident happened in their hometown in Mexico sometime in September 2013 alongside his brother.

According to him, it was the type of kidnapping that is referred to as “express kidnappings.” What happens is that the kidnappers kidnap you, put you in the trunk of your car, and drive you around before taking your car and your money, then goes to the ATM to get all the money they can, and then after 4-5 hours, they drop you in the middle of nowhere.

Pepe was grateful that nothing happened to either his wife or brother; they both came back in peace. Pepe, on the other hand, is worth over $10 million. He has earned a major portion of his wealth from his music career.

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