Alvin Kamara Doesn’t Have a Wife But Meet His Girlfriend

Alvin Kamara is not married, but the NFL star is dating Te’a Cooper, the WNBA star. The couple made their relationship public in mid-2021 and has been going strong ever since.

Born Alvin Mentian Kamara on July 25, 1995, the 28-year-old New Orleans Saints running back has made the headlines for various reasons, good and bad, throughout his playing career.

He recently got arrested and booked for battery, which resulted in substantial bodily harm on February 6, 2022. All his escapades invariably place anyone he has dealings with under the glaring beam of the spotlight. This time we focus on his relationship with his girlfriend, Te’a Cooper.

Alvin Kamara Has Never Been Married

Alvin Kamara’s relationship history does not include any record of him ever being married. It does not, however, mean that the NFL star has been celibate for that period because the same history shows that he has been with several women in that time frame.

The fact that he is not yet married should not be interpreted as him being averse to the idea of marriage. It could simply mean that the NFL star is playing the field and currently has no designs on the institution of marriage.

As earlier stated, Alvin has been in various romantic relationships and is currently carrying on with a WNBA star who has caught the public eye as a result.

Alvin Kamara’s Girlfriend Is WNBA Free Agent Te’a Cooper

As of the time of writing, Alvin Kamara is in a romantic relationship with former Los Angeles Sparks shooting guard Te’a Cooper. Te’a Cooper was born Te’a Omari Cooper on April 16, 1997, in Newark, New Jersey, to Omar and Kendall Cooper.

She belongs to the African American ethnic group, and based on her first status and parental heritage, she is an American citizen. Alvin Kamara’s girlfriend is the first of four children born to her parents. She has a younger sister named Mia and two younger twin brothers named Sharife and Omar Jr.

Admittedly, Te’a was born in Newark, New Jersey, but it has been confirmed that she was raised in Powder Springs, located in the State of Georgia. Te’a Cooper received her high school diploma from McEachern High School. At this point, we have to reveal the fact that Te’a Cooper comes from a family of athletes, all of whom have put their basketball pedigree on display in recent times.

Her father, Omar Cooper, is a highly valued basketball coach, while one of the twins, Sharife, was recently drafted by the Atlanta Hawks in the 2021 NBA Draft. Moving on, Alvin Kamara’s girlfriend also put her basketball pedigree on display while at the high school, as evidenced by her undefeated record of 33-0 in her freshman year at the high school.

She also won 3 Georgia 6A titles, first in 2012 and later on completing back-to-back victories in 2014 and 2015. She also picked up the co-MVP award in the 2015 McDonald’s All-American game. Te’a Cooper went to three different colleges beginning with the University of Tennessee from 2015 to 2017.

Next, she pitched her tent with the University of South Carolina from 2017 to 2019 before completing her final year at Baylor University. In the 2020 WNBA Draft, Te’a Cooper was drafted 18th overall by the Phoenix Mercury. COVID 19 effects meant that she was cut from the team alongside some others without playing a game for the Mercury.

She was not without a team for long before the Los Angeles Sparks picked her up, with the head coach particularly impressed with her college records. She ended up playing 20 games (3 starts) for the Sparks in her first season, averaging 17 minutes per game and 7 points per game.

Her second season saw her start more games, 11 of 28, averaging 21 minutes and 8 points per game, respectively. Alvin Kamara’s girlfriend became a free agent after the 2021 regular season and has remained unattached team-wise ever since. Te’a and Alvin made their relationship public in September 2021, and that revelation led to questions about how long they had been together, given the fact that they both entered 2021 with different partners.

Alvin Kamara Has Been Dating Te’a Cooper for Over a Year

Alvin and Te’a have yet to reveal the timeline of their relationship, but given that they are both athletes, one could easily assume that the couple met in those circles. As previously stated, the couple revealed their relationship to the world in September 2021.

Many have speculated that they started seeing each other long before they came out to publicly let the world know about it and that they had made the decision to be low profile about it because they were in other relationships at the time. Te’a was married to LA Lakers star Dwight Howard and Alvin was with a stripper known as Just Ace.

Te’a and Dwight divorced around April 2021, while Alvin also ended his relationship with Just Ace around the same time. As pointed out earlier, the couple wanted to protect each other’s privacy but eventually made things between them official when the rumors about them became overwhelming.

After the public declaration of their love, Alvin was regularly seen at games involving the Los Angeles Sparks, and no one needed a soothsayer to confirm that he was there to cheer his girlfriend on. Te’a has equally been supportive of her man’s career, and the just over one year they’ve spent together as a couple has been unmarked by the usual controversies that trail Alvin Kamara.

Alvin Kamara Has Been In Various Relationships

Sometime in 2018, Alvin made an Instagram post that declared his intent to hire a girlfriend. Predictably that post attracted a lot of traffic, with many women indicating their interest. Just over a year later, before Christmas in 2019, the NFL star posted a similar request, and while it did not attract the same level of attention as the 2018 post, it still generated some interest.

In 2020, rumors started flying that he was in a relationship with a stripper named Just Ace, and that rumor was confirmed by a picture of the two of them on a vacation. Alvin and Just Ace dated until 2021. So far, his relationship with the stripper remains the only record of a woman he has dated, even though we suspect there might have been others.

On the other hand, Te’a and her ex-husband, Dwight Howard, got married in a private ceremony in 2019. This ceremony came after their brief engagement in February of the same year. The marriage was ultimately dissolved, as was confirmed by Te’a herself when she was asked about it in April 2021.

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