Adin Ross Net Worth: How Much Does the Twitch Streamer Make?

Adin Ross has a net worth of $2 million, and he is one of the biggest influencers to have burst onto the American social media scene in recent time. As of 2020, not much was known about the Florida-born Long Island native on the social media space. However, within a short time, Adin Ross has quickly become a fan favorite and quite successful social media sensation, especially on the social media app, Twitch.

What Is Adin Ross’ Net Worth Currently?

As of February 2022, and due to all his combined social media enterprises, the Twitch streamer is worth an estimated $2 million. Though predominantly known for his efforts on Twitch, his entrepreneurial and business interests include a lot more. A part of his income comes from the Fan Controlled Football outfit, FCF Glazier Boyz – among other avenues.

The average top Twitch streamer makes somewhere in the region of $32,850 per month, and since Adin Ross is one of the top streamers, he also makes somewhere around that range. As a YouTuber, his financial rewards stand around $20k – $30k monthly.

What Does Adin Ross Do for a Living?

It is one of the first questions people usually ask when the figure of a celebrity’s net worth is made known to the public. The meteoric rise of Adin Ross has also meant that the public would inevitably want to find out more about what he does for a living.

The short and straightforward answer would be to simply say that he is a social media influencer, but the young star is much more than that. He has found a way to utilize the myriad of opportunities present in the social media space to create several streams of income. He puts gaming content on all his social media handles, including YouTube and Twitch.

Adin Ross Created The First Of His Two YouTube Channels in 2014 While In High School

The 21-year-old social media giant created his YouTube channel in 2014 when he was pretty much still a high school student. However, a combination of factors meant that he could not make any post until 2019. He has steadily progressed to the point where he now has two separate YouTube channels.

The first one, Adin Live, which he created in 2014, has almost 3 million subscribers, while the second channel, Adin Ross, which he created roughly 7 years after the first channel, has almost 1 million subscribers and counting. Adin Ross is proof that with diligence and consistency, one can actualize any dream they set their mind to. And with over 4 million subscribers across both YouTube channels, you can tell he must be doing something right.

He Started Out By Posting Gaming Contents

For someone who was relatively an unknown element when he began his social media career, Adin started by putting out content on what he loves most. He was passionate about game content, and his first real posts were of Grand Theft Auto or GTA and NBA 2k.

His typically loud and, sometimes obnoxious, manner would probably not have been sufficient to garner the following and subscriptions he needed to be successful. Still, there was something in his demeanor that drew people to him. He was generally liked for his honest depiction of his feelings in gameplay.

He also found another outlet for celebrities, primarily rappers, who were often invited onto his YouTube Vlogs for pranks and freestyle events. Another component of his success on YouTube is how he has bonded with his viewers and the regularity with which he posts content. Adin posts gaming content 5 to 6 nights a week, and it is this consistency that has been some of the major reasons for his quick rise to fame and financial wellbeing.

Adin Ross Is More Popular On Twitch

For all his YouTube exploits, Adin Ross’ profile on Twitch is the biggest of all his social media handles. His followers on the app are even more so. The dream of being a big-time content creator was born in high school, and the passion for twitch streaming was so strong for the then high school student that he even ditched his senior prom to make a live stream.

The dream seemed within reach when he put up his first streaming video in October 2018. There was a brief couple of months’ pause before he resumed in January 2019 with more consistent streams of live gameplay of NBA 2k. The consistency with which he streamed and the reviews that followed his live streams earned him a partnership with Twitch on April 28, 2020.

Over time, the number of followers that are loyal to the 21-year-old Twitch streamer has clocked to an impressive figure of around 6 million as at the time of writing.

Adin Ross’ Average Viewers

On average, around 50k viewers watch Adin Ross’s content on his Twitch live streams. This figure is slightly higher than that of his YouTube channel, where he has had his content viewed on an average of 30k times daily.

How Much Does Adin Ross Make?

Adin Ross’ net worth is a testament to how far he has come as a social media personality on both Twitch and YouTube. The incredibly large number of following Adin Ross has been able to command on an annual basis stands at over $3.2 million. This figure covers the earnings from YouTube alone and points to the level of global influence that the young man has achieved over a short period.

He has also proven to be quite generous after he announced on May 10, 2021, that he would be donating 10% of his Twitch income, which was projected to be around $5 million in 2021, to any charity that his audience decides on. Going by the projected income of nearly $5 million, Adin clearly intends to give away a sum that is very close to $500k.

How Much Money Does Adin Ross Have?

Adin Ross’ steady stream of income has been enough to rake in the big bucks. The Twitch streamer has a lot of sponsorship deals which helps to increase his financial value on a monthly basis. The 21-year-old YouTuber makes in excess of $4 million monthly from just a single sponsor. This inevitably leads to the conclusion that only Adin and probably his bank officials know exactly how much money he has at the moment.

It is noteworthy to mention that the information above makes one wonder why the official figure for Adin Ross’ net worth has been pegged at $2 million. This is despite the money he rakes in from his mouth-watering sponsorship deals. The total amount that makes up his paycheck from sponsorship deals cannot be compared to the $2 million figure that has been set as Adin Ross’ net worth. Hopefully, things will be rectified soon, and he is given the full credit he deserves.

Adin Ross Rose to the Top on the Wings of Partnerships and Controversies

Two of the most important factors responsible for the steady growth of any social media operator are positive reinforcements through other popular celebrities and the ability to thrive on controversy. Adin has never been in short supply of both. Remember that as of early 2020, the Twitch star had less than 200k subscribers across his social media platforms.

Still, partnering with other streamers such as Tyceno, particularly with Lebron “Bronny” James Jr., son of legendary NBA star LeBron James, has been instrumental in his rise to the top. His partnership and subsequent friendship with Bronny are the primary reasons he went viral. The pair began by betting thousands of dollars on gameplays such as NBA 2k.

Soon people were tuning into Ross’ channel to watch the sometimes brutal exchange that was regularly filled with harsh obscenities whenever the games hit the peak. Ross had finally gotten the attention he wanted and was on top of his game, figuratively, but he was smart enough to know that getting to the top was the first step and that he now had to figure out a way to stay there.

The Twitch Streamer Hosts “E-Dates” On His Channel

He initiated the first phase of the plan to remain relevant by diversifying his channel’s contents. Adin began to host e-dates that involved steep competitions to get dates. This move was clearly a different ball game to his gaming content which was still a regular feature of his channel.

His followers were yet again impressed by the ingenuity of this young man who was doing his best to keep them entertained and his profile rose even higher. His channel quickly became a rite of passage, sort of, for rappers who wanted to be noticed. Some have been more regular than others, such as Tee Grizzley, the first rapper to appear on the Twitch streamer’s stream.

They played Grand Theft Auto together and have been quite close acquaintances since then. He has a particularly close bond with Sheck Wes, and other rappers such as Blueface, YBN Almighty Jay, and Lil Yachty, to name a few, have been regulars on Adin’s channel.

He’s Been Involved In Some Celebrity Feuds – Which Helped His Profile

The social space is a great beast, and there is nothing as enjoyable to the people there as a public celebrity feud, no matter how controversial it might seem. Again, Adin Ross cashed in on the opportunities that this avenue provided. April 2021 saw the YouTuber rapping along to Yungeen Ace’s, Who I Smoke. The song was said to be a diss to rapper Foolio and his brother.

The reaction this caused was wild as fans and foes alike sought to fan the embers into a flame between Adin Ross and Foolio. But contrary to the public’s expectations, Adin duly apologized after claiming to be unaware of the true meaning of the song’s lyrics. However,  his apology suddenly seemed hollow as lightning struck twice only a couple of weeks later.

This time, Adin Ross was caught vibing to the same song on his IG handle, and again the whole idea of a celebrity beef was resurrected again. To end the controversy, Adin was therefore compelled to bring the rapper, Foolio, onto his YouTube channel, where the pair publicly put to rest any lingering feud. Adin’s popularity soared even higher after what now appears to be a stunt.

The Twitch streamer also got into a twitch war with fellow streamers, Sodapoppin and particularly Ludvwig Aghren, who had called the streamer ‘King of Normie,’ on April 22, 2021, after claiming that Adin had kissed Corina Kopf to increase his fan base. Adin responded by saying that his numbers could easily top Ludwig’s. This response surprised Ludwig, who had simply said that in jest.

The pair ended up settling their differences following a live-streamed phone call where Adin admitted to being touchy and overly emotional about the subject. He has had feuds with other celebrities, including NBA YoungBoy, Polo G, Kodak Black, etc. Adin Ross routinely draws attention to the fact that he might be gay with a slew of inappropriate jokes, another reason why he is so popular on Twitch.

Despite Several Twitch Bans, Adin Ross’ Net Worth Haven’t Really Been Affected

The Twitch streamer has been banned many times for several violations, some of which were not his own making, such as when he was called a ‘faggot’ by another streamer on his page, and even though he was not in the room, he was banned for the homophobic content. He was unbanned a few days later, following a campaign by his followers to see him unbanned.

He was also banned for texting and driving, only to be let off the hook a few days later. The next ban was imposed on the streamer after he had simulated sexual content during gameplay of GTA V. The ban lasted 24 hours. The relatively short time spans between these bans mean that the streamer’s income was not heavily impacted.

Where Does Adin Ross Live?

Typical of many social media celebrities or any celebrity of any kind, Adin Ross likes to live largely. He currently lives in Los Angeles, although the exact address is unknown after the streamer revealed that he was leaving the $30 million mansion simply known as the ‘Clout Gang House,’ after he feuded with fellow streamer RiceGum. He had lived a the mansion with fellow streamers like FazeBanks, Sommer Ray, Mike Majiak, and a host of others, including RiceGum. He likes to live a lavish lifestyle and recently bought a Lamborghini.

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