Upset EFF Leader Blasts The ANC, Calls Them Zombies And Mgijimis


The leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) Julius Malema who just bagged a bachelors Degree from UNISA on Thursday made a vow to stop the ruling party physically if possible by not allowing President Jacob Zuma to ever speak in Parliament again. The upset EFF leader made the declaration after the ConCourt passed judgement on the Nkandla case.

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Zuma must step down because he is no longer the president of this country‚” Malema declared after the Constitutional Court passed its judgement on the public protector’s report on Nkandla.

Malema used the opportunity to offer Zuma a chance to take a graceful bow when he still has the chance or face the consequences which might be nasty.

“If Zuma is continuing to stay in office‚ he leaves us no choice but to use practical ways to remove him‚” said Malema.

Malema said that apparently, his former party the African National Congress (ANC) showed him and other radical members the red card because of their courage and bravery in criticizing the dubious actions of the ANC and their incessant attempt to “speak truth to power”.

The Upset EFF leader Malema also used the opportunity to blast some of the leaders in the ruling party, pointing out their faults and shortcomings. This is what he had to say about some of them:

About renowned leader Mandela, he said he was also given a house and must not be treated like Jesus Christ as we have been made to believe. According to him, Mandela was also zombified.

As for Gigaba who he says is living above his income, SARS must do a lifestyle audit on him. He has not declared to the people where his additional income was coming from. Malema is of the view that Malusi Gigaba’s expensive lifestyle can not be financed by a the mere salary of a minister. Gigaba is termed the most corrupt one.

Malema did not forget Mbalula whom he says went the Guptas after Mangaung conference, where they assured him that he will get to keep his job. He accused Mbalula of going to the Guptas house (which almost sounds like a crime these days) saying that Mbalula is not employable and would have been a poor man if not for our salary.

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The almighty Zuma is not left out as Malema condemns his UAE trip, accuses him of taking the peoples money in bags to dump in Dubai under the pretense of promoting tourism. Where was the Minister of Tourism? he asked.

All ANC members also got their own share of the cake the agitated Eff leader was sharing. He said all of them are all zombies and Mgijimis “Our leaders have been converted into zombies by Mennells, Ruperts, Oppenheimer and now Guptas,” the upset EFF leader declared.

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