Updates On The ‘Big Plot’ To Do Away With Zuma


It’s quite glaring that a good majority of South Africans are dissatisfied with Zuma’s performance and can’t wait for him to finish up his reign as the president of the country. We all want to get rid of Zuma as the president and that’s all. But then, no one imagined that a family member of the president  would be equally, so impatient with Zuma to the extent of allegedly collaborating with some cohort(s) to “finish off” and “do away” with Zuma in every sense of those words.

In 2008, we all witnessed the union between Zuma and Nompumelelo ­Ntuli, we were told in 2012 that elders from Zuma’s family fined MaNtuli a goat after she had allegedly cheated with one of her bodyguards Phinda Thomo, and in February, the sensational news about MaNtuli being cast out and banned from Nkandla home went viral majorly because of her alleged involvement in a plot to poison Zuma.

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It came as a shocker to us all, for two wrongs will always spell disaster. Despite the fact that most of us want Zuma out, we’re very much unwilling to take his life or endorse any agenda tasked as such. The president was as expected, very angry when he found out about the alleged poison plot, he told close relatives that MaNtuli had done “something terrible that could put her in jail for a long time”, but out of necessity, cautioned them to keep it within the family. Thus, the issue became one of such we describe as an open-secret.

However, according to emerging reports from four well-placed sources both in law enforcement and in family circles, MaNtuli will soon be charged with conspiracy to commit murder.

Citing City Press, News24 disclosed that “the authorities are still on the trail of her alleged accomplices” including a “flamboyant KwaZulu-Natal businessman”. Whereas, “three of the four sources confirmed that other local and foreign ­individuals were also on the investigators’ radar”. As uncovered, there’s a schedule of this case handled by senior prosecutors awaiting action with the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA). And interestingly, law enforcement sources claim MaNtuli had made a statement to investigators who revealed that her affidavit contained “some very interesting names”.

One of these sources described as “well-placed”, reportedly reaffirmed MaNtuli “is going to be charged with conspiracy to commit murder. She hasn’t been charged because we haven’t been able to nab the man [or] people who are behind the big plot. However, MaNtuli allegedly crumbled and confessed to having knowledge of the plot. “She, in not so many words, admitted that she was behind the plot and she was kicked out of Nkandla because she was a threat.”

Meanwhile, a source close to an ongoing investigation from the police and intelligence agencies monitoring her suspected co-conspirators in order to gather evidence to link them ­directly to the plot said they’re yet to figure out “why they wanted to kill the president and what they stood to gain. No one really knows. Until we can get to the masterminds, it is still a mystery and a confusing situation.”

But in a more recent development, MaNtuli via a statement from her lawyers, BDK Attorneys, denied involvement in any plot to poison her husband. BDK Attorneys director by Ulrich Roux retorted that “the allegations concerning our client, the most egregious of which is that our client ‘allegedly crumbled and confessed to having knowledge of the plot to poison her husband,” are “false and defamatory.” Thus they emphasized that no charges have been brought against their client.

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