Update On Public Protector Nomination Process, Filling Thuli’s Big Shoes Not An Easy Task


While the Public Protector nomination process is scheduled to end soon, Corruption Watch has pleaded with the Parliament on behalf of the people to give South Africans more time to express their views regarding the candidates who are running for the post of  the country’s next Public Protector.

Corruption Watch has written to the parliamentary committee tasked with the duty of choosing a worthy successor for the present Public Protector Thuli Madonsela, who has been serving the people selflessly since October 2009.

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In the bid to get it right once again, the NGO has asked for a five-day extension of the time allocated for comments and objections in the Public Protector nomination process.

Thuli Madonsela’s non-renewable term ends in October, leaving South Africans from now to Friday to nominate candidates for her replacement.

After the nominations, the names will then be published for public examine before Members of Parliament (MPs) will do the shortlisting and the interviews.

Corruption watch has insisted that the CVs of the nominees be published on the parliament’s website in order to ensure transparency in the final appointment process.

During a media briefing this afternoon, the Chairperson of the committee Makhosi Khoza will provide an update on the process

It is the civil duty of the National Assembly to recommend a candidate for the president to do the final appointment.

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Prior to the appointment of Madonsela seven years ago, calls similar to the ones made now were made for South Africans to nominate their best candidates which they did and it paid off.

Meanwhile, Public Protector Madonsela, who is about rounding off her tenure is very concerned about who will succeed her and offer a selfless and worthy duty for the benefit of all the citizens irrespective of their social status.