UP Should Choose To Recall Our Student members Or Face War – EFF


The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) in Gauteng has on Tuesday, announced their willingness to go to war with the University of Pretoria (UP) if there was  need for them to.

The party which has accused the University of victimizing and isolating its EFF Student Command saying some of their student members have been unfairly suspended and expelled and they are willing to go any lent to protest that.

“We don’t have patience any more, nobody has patience… we are not going to accept it. We are ready. If needs be will go to war,” provincial leader Mandisa Mashego told reporters in Johannesburg.

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Mashego further provided the institution with two options of either choosing to recall the party’s student members who have been on suspension or get ready to face war.

“[UP] must decide what they want. We want those suspensions to immediately cease and we want those bouncers to immediately withdraw. If they apply any more delaying tactics we will mobilize.”

Speaking further, the group’s provincial leader pointed out that the EFF plans to mobilize thousand of its members to fight the UP private security set up by the university management no matter their number.

she said:

UP must immediately cease the usage of private security or we will open a case against them. We are on the ground. If we need to bring 5 000 people by Friday, trust me, I am not making a wild claim, by Friday we will get 5 000 at that university.

“They will walk to Tshwane if needs be… If we need 50 000 [members] we can get it.

Meanwhile, the UP Vice Chancellor Professor Cheryl De la Rey has announced the University management’s plan to tighten the security measures in the university to ensure a peaceful environment for learning and against further occurrence of mass destruction of the institution’s properties to violent protests.

Given what happened, we have taken additional security measures and we have taken time to work with the South African Police Service and we are saying enough is enough,”

“We commit to peaceful engagements but we cannot have disruptions to the academic programme. We cannot have intimidation, we cannot have threats leveled to students, staff and anyone else who want to be part of this.

The University was closed down after students took to the street in protest against its language policy for the past two weeks. This led to the arrest of 27 people after violent attack of the university’s properties took place during the protest. Charges against three of them were dropped, leaving 24 students to stand trial. Their case was postponed to April 7. The university was closed for a week due to the protests.

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