‘Until God Says Come, Consider Me Your President’ – Mugabe Tells Zimbabweans


The Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe has promised to remain the country’s president as long as he is still breathing.

Reacting to the UN secretary General Ban Ki-moon’s plea at a meeting with African leaders in Addis Ababa, that African leaders should desist from clinging to power, Mugabe said he would continue “until God says ‘come”

The president, who will turn 92 on Sunday held on to his decision to retain his position as the president not minding his deteriorating health conditions and the economic and social issues in his country.

Mugabe is currently the African leader and the only president Zimbabwe has known since independence in 1980 and ever since then, things have been said to have greatly deteriorated.

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However, Mugabe’s decision to remain in office at all cost has frustrated  his ruling Zanu-PF party whohas been unable to rise itself against the Mugabe political era.

His decision has also fueled criticism from opponents of the government who sees the internal conflict as a tool used to  distract the government from performing its role of dealing with a stagnating economy and responding to the worst drought in a generation.

“Amid this looming starvation, coupled with an economy on the ropes, no one is paying attention to this national crisis. There is no government response as ZANU-PF is too pre-occupied with the succession issue of President Mugabe,” main opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai said on Tuesday.

Apparently, drought and economic stagnancy has been the major issue facing the country since the year 2000. But unfortunately, the government has done little or nothing to alley its effect on the people.

Since the year 2000, Zimbabwe has struggled to feed its own people due to severe droughts and the effects of a land reform programme which saw the seizure of white-owned farms redistributed to landless black Zimbabweans which led to sharp falls in production.

Critics blame Mugabe for many of the problems facing the country. They say his policies, including the seizures and redistribution of white-owned commercial farms, has driven one of Africa’s most promising economies into nearly a decade of deep recession.

They also assert that the country’s stagnant economy and low productivity has left the country ill-equipped to deal with the almost 16 years old drought that has befallen the people and this, according to them, has left 3 million people in need of food aid, about a quarter of the population. Many Zimbabwean citizens have fled from the country to South Africa in search for job.

As the ruling party still contemplates on who succeeds the sitting president, Mugabe has aired out his plans to contest the next election in 2018 aged 94.

His wife, Grace Mugabe has also supported her husbands contest in the next election claiming that only him can keep Zimbabwe  “intact and peaceful” adding she would push him in a wheelbarrow to work if he was unable to walk.

Well, having ruled for 6 years, Mugabe’s behaviors and actions has proved he is already unfit to rule the country. But the worst of people’s fear is that the country might be turn to shreds by instability should he die without resolving the succession issue in his party.

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