University Of Pretoria Resumes Under The Supervision Of Public Order Police


Protest-hit University of Pretoria is now under the supervision of the Public Order Police deployed to the University to make sure there will be no further disruptions of the academic programme.

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This follows a recent outburst of students unrest which disrupted classes in the school. It is further understood that a police control centre had been established on the grounds of preventing the formation of any group that might cause further disruptions of school activities.

The school activities are scheduled to resume today after being suspended last week because of demonstrations and unrest in the school where students are calling for Afrikaans to be scrapped as a medium of instruction.

AfriForum and their respective youth formations who helped in instigating the protests that erupted in the campus have agreed to have peaceful negotiations with the school authorities and to put an end to disruptions of school activities

Reports say there are three police armored vehicles parked nearby at the Brooklyn Police Station.

Long Queues are formed at the entrance to the school as security officials are busy checking every student’s access card before allowing them to enter through turnstiles. While this has caused long queues and delayed entrance into the school, everything else does appear to be running smoothly.

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The language policy is seen by the university as the way forward for the progress of the University of Pretoria and the students. However, Afrikaans and Sepedi may be used to offer additional support to students.

About 14 UP students were placed under arrest last week after black and white students clashed over the language policy. On Tuesday, students at UFS vandalized and set ablaze the statue of apartheid-era President CR Swart.

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