Universal Music Drops Lebo Remembered Album To Celebrate Icon


In view of the imminent death Anniversary of iconic singer Lebo Mathosa, Universal Music has dropped a 15-track compilation album titled Lebo Remembered.

The album release is aimed at remembering the life of the legend as well as celebrate some of her greatest hits. Some hit songs in the album include Benga, Free, Brand New Day and Dangerous. The album comes as a CD and a DVD of music videos and five live performances.

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According to music compiler Matwetwe Ntombini, the album was put together as an offering to the late iconic singer who touched a lot of lives. Thus, anyone that listens to it must get to feel what it’s like to encounter Lebo. Ntombini also revealed that they were able to put the offering together through the help of SABC library.

Ntombini said:

“I would like the listener to walk away with the experience of what it was like to encounter Lebo. She was a dancer, singer and entertainer par excellence, and she was a very sweet child.”

Sunday, October 23 marks a decade since Lebo passed on in the most tragic manner. The songstress died in a car crash near the Heidelberg off-ramp in Germiston, on the East Rand.

Thus, taking to Twitter on Friday, a number of fans across the country reminisced about the life and legacy of the late superstar.

Also, ShowbizAfrica recently collaborated with the Mathosa family to institute the Lebo Mathosa Foundation. This also forms a part of the 10 years anniversary.

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Surely one of Africa’s sexiest who often featured on magazine covers, Mathosa’s first public attention was made as a short-skirted teen member of the successful group Boom Shaka in the mid 90s.

Indeed, Lebo will remain forever in the hearts of those who admired her. The Lebo Remembered album and the Lebo Mathosa Foundation will make sure of that.