Unbelievable! R2.3 Million Worth Of Diamonds Uncovered In A Car Seat


Two illegal diamond dealers have been nabbed by Zimbabwean cops. The illegal dealers were nabbed on their way to sell the gem following a tip-off to the police that the duo were seen with diamonds. The dealers names are Never Chikwenha and Abbas Macky. They were apprehended at a toll gate in Ruwa.

Before their apprehension, the police had waited for them at Ruwa when they left Mutare. It was not easy getting the diamonds from the duo because it took the five policemen over two hours to discover the treasure. Finally, after the uphill task, the R2.3 million worth of diamonds were found in seat of the robbers’ car.

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The police said that strategic moves were made before their apprehension. Reports say also, that the cops had to lay ambush for the duo at Ruwa’s toll gate before landing on them because there is “nowhere to run” at that gate.

Mutare is a well-known city because of its closeness to the Marange diamonds fields. The city houses numerous illegal diamond dealers. Despite a military clampdown in the city and Zimbabwe government’s take over of the field in 2008, smugglers seem to be endless.

Authorities have admitted that leakages of diamonds in the city are apparently high. It would be recalled that the gem was discovered in Mutare in 2006.

Meanwhile, John Mangudya of Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe has called on the diamond industry to ensure proper accountability and transparency in the business. He made this call while speaking to delegates at the Economic Symposium summit. He further said that the measurement of the country’s outlook is traced to its mineral resources.

“We should have a fair share of diamond extraction of a stone. It’s easier than to grow maize, this economy is leaking. We love Lima, but if we have loopholes, even if you bring money it will go out again. We need to close the arbitrage in the economy.” said Mangudya

Mangudya also maintained that minerals like diamond, chrome, platinum and so on should be properly taken care of in order to prevent them from crashing the country’s economy. He reportedly said that transparency has not been seen in the diamond industry unlike what is obtainable in the tobacco industry.

“There is no fertilizer required for diamonds, we don’t know what has been exported. We need to improve on transparency and accountability, we need to improve on the usage of foreign currency, it’s terrible. We export the commodity and the currency.”

“Yes, the people are poor, but the economy is not poor . . . we need to extract resources and put them on the table. “We need accountability and transparency,” Mangudya said.

However, reports say that the suspects Chikwenha and Macky have made appearances at the court in Harare. They have also been granted bail.

Going down history lane, on 17th March 2012, an Israeli pilot Mr Shmuel Kainan was apprehended at Harare International Airport whilst trying to smuggle 1300 pieces of diamonds out of Zimbabwe. The diamonds were estimated to be worth USD$2.43 million.

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