Unbelievable! One Of Franziska’s Accused Murderers Is A Prison Warden’s Son


Following Franziska Blöchliger’s murder which took place on Monday, four men have been arrested. Three of them, in their twenties have however appeared in court.

The trio were arrested a day after the 16-year-old was murdered and robbed in Tokai Forest. The fourth person was arrested for possession of the deceased’s stolen property.

Events and stories have unfolded speedily and it is startling to note that the youngest of the suspects is believed to be the son of a Pollsmoor Prison warden. He is said to have been in and out of a drug rehabilitation centre for his addiction to tik.

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Many South Africans have identified with the deceased family as calls for her murderers to be apprehended get strengthened with each passing minute.

Franziska’s body was found by police and Kirstenhof Crime Watch in Dennedal Road after she was reported missing. The body was discovered roughly 200 metres from the meeting point she and her mother had agreed on.

Her mother Shireen Blöchliger recounted how she parted with her daughter. She said:

She [Franziska] decided to go on a jog, but did not want to take the dog with her, saying it would slow her down. We had arranged to meet back at the spot in 25 minutes.

It became obvious that the teenager went missing after the expiration of agreed time. Then at around 4pm the family reported her missing and the search for the teen got intensified by police, neighbourhood watches and a helicopter.

According to the State, Blöchliger was raped anally and orally. Her iPhone, watch, headset, diamond ring also went missing.

Meanwhile, the men have appeared on Friday and according to the charge sheet, they were all charged with the same offence

To recap, that is one count of murder, two of robbery with aggravating circumstances and three of rape.

Meanwhile, Semen found at the scene has been sent off for analysis.

The three have also applied for legal aid. One of the accused previously wanted to represent himself and not get a private lawyer. He told the magistrate he doesn’t want to go to Wynberg police cells because food are not always served there.

But the Magistrate assured him he will get food and will be able to bath.

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Florian, Franziska’s dad could not make it to the court.

Florian recalled that on Tuesday night during the search, he received a call from her cellphone. “On the call she was quiet, but in the background you could hear children crying and screaming – I knew it wasn’t her cry, but wondered where she could be,” he said.

And on Wednesday morning he had to offer a large reward to anyone who comes forward with information that leads to an arrest and conviction of the perpetrator, or perpetrators.

“I’m thinking the guys who did this will sit and brag about what they did, and when someone sees the reward, he may report it to the police,” he said.

Investigation is still on, so more charges could be laid.

The case has been postponed to March 18 for bail application. All will remain in custody at Wynberg.