Watch: Umhlanga Gateway Mall Up In Flames


An unfolding news has it that a massive fire has broken out in the food court area of the Gateway Mall in Umhlanga located north of Durban.

An eye witness from the blazing scene said that firefighters are currently working on the fire to cut down on damages and casualties.

“The fire was initially quite bad and there was a lot of smoke. But it seems to have calmed down now that the firefighters have started working on it. It seems that many people have been evacuated from the mall itself.”

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Even more comforting is the fact that emergency services were on the scene in case of unforeseen circumstances as revealed by Marshall Security Services spokesperson Kyle van Reenen.

Gateway management has not made any statement regarding to the fire at Gateway Mall. However, Marshall Security Services spokesperson said the fire was believed to have originated from an extractor system of one of the fast food outlets.

Meanwhile, this is coming just few weeks after a massive fire engulfed the iconic Durban Christian Centre Jesus Dome, leaving most part of the building located in Buro Crescent completely engulfed in the flames from the raging fire‚ which lasted for some hours.

According to ER24 emergency medical service, while fire fighters were making every possible effort to douse the fire, ER24 paramedics‚ province and other services were on scene to arrest the situation.

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After several hours of team work, Rescue Care later tweeted that the fire has been extinguished.

Though there was no mention of attack on worship places, the South African National Civic Organisation (Sanco) cited the current terror alerts from Britain and Australia in its reaction to the fire that engulfed the iconic Durban Christian Centre, imploring for caution to be applied in order to avoid any possible attack.