UK Man To Be Tried In CT Court For Paedophile Related Crimes


A citizen of the United Kingdom ( Welsh) who was arrested in Cape Town and was charged with being a paedophile and indulging in strings of child sex crimes in his home country, will appear in a CT court today.

He’s believed to have been under the employ of the V&A Waterfront working as a helicopter pilot.

The paedophile Welshman had been on the run for several  years before he was finally arrested in Green Point on Friday.

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According to international reports on him, the 52-year-old paedophile has also been on the wanted list of Interpol for more than a decade now. He is suspected of being a part of a paedophile ring, detected in the 90s, in the Bristol area of UK.

The paedophile suspect is expected to make a first court appearance at the Cape Town Magistrates Court today on charges of sexual offences. He is presently being held at the Sea Point Police Station awaiting trial.

Similar to this is the arrest of an international group operating from Europe that specialized in the abuse of minors using the internet. An arrest of a member of the group was made in South Africa. This ring share child pornography online using a software.

Meanwhile, in the bid to tackle child sex abusers, an Alabama lawmaker in the United States of America Steve Hurst has suggested that permanent surgical castration be introduced as a new form of punishment in addition to imprisonment for those found guilty of child sexual abuse.

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The lawmaker’s bill if signed into law, would mean that any person ­over the age of 21 who commits a sexual related offense against a child who is 12 years old or younger will be surgically and permanently castrated in addition to his jail time before leaving custody.