Sangoma Dupes Cape Family With Promise To Double Their Money


Based on a Timeslive report, headlined – “Cape family give R240‚000 to Sangoma who promised to double it”, it was highlighted that “a 26-year-old Sangoma from Uganda has been arrested by Cape Town police after he conned a family of more than R240‚000‚ promising them he would double their money.”

As gathered, the Ugandan witch doctor who attends to his clients at Site C, convinced the family to sell their house, and received the last money, R40,000 from the family this month. 

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Nasiphi Same from SAPS narrated that;

“The last transaction of R40‚000 was handed over to the suspect on 22 February 2016. When the family called the suspect the following day‚ they were told the suspect died in a car accident.

“The family approached the police for assistance and found the suspect sitting in his vehicle in Browns Farm and when he saw the family with the police he tried to flee but was arrested in New Crossroads.

When questioned about his residence the suspect took the police to different addresses but he ultimately took them to Delft where he stays and more than R70‚000 was recovered hidden in the house.”

My religious affiliation and beliefs shouldn’t make me stupid. Yours shouldn’t too. South Africans must know that certain miracles are simply not possible. Pardon me, but you’re lacking the most ordinary quickness and keenness of mind if you believe some chanting and insensible utterances can be done by some fellow empowered by some unknown ancient god to get your money doubled.

Sangoma is a Zulu term that is widely used to refer to all types of South African traditional healers. There are those who are concerned majorly with medicines made from plants and animals whereas others are involved with divination for healing purposes and at times, engage in fortune-telling to better the lives of their clients, and proffer solution to problems.

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