Zimbabwean Pastor Uebert Angel Buys Wife $400,000 Lamborghini For Val


Popular Zimbabwean pastor and founder of Spirit Embassy (now Good News Church), Uebert Angel, has lavishly splashed $US400, 000 on a Lamborghini Aventador as a Valentine’s present for his wife, Beverly.

Uebert Angel is a flamboyant Zimbabwean prophet known for preaching the gospel of prosperity as well as having the gift of prophesy. He rose to national prominence in 2013 with his controversial but “accurate” miracles, wonders and healings.

Angel is also believed to have had over 50 angelic visitations, seen the Lord 6 times, and had been caught up into paradise once.

pastor angel

He has been criticized and accused  of exploiting his members through the prosperity gospel that he preaches in his church saying that the more you give in offerings to the church the more you will reap in blessings from God.

Uebert Angel defended his flamboyant lifestyle in an interview with Nehanda TV some years ago saying he does not take money from offerings in church but instead, he runs several businesses including real estate.

A Harare man had once accused the pastor of duping him out his Bentley luxury vehicle and dragged him to court. Angel has reportedly not been to Zimbabwe ever since.

Buzzsouthafrica gathered that an arrest warrant issued against Angel on the 24th of December 2014 was recently cancelled by Harare provincial magistrate Mr. Vakayi Chikwekwe with consent from the prosecutor – general’s office.

The church spokesman Rikki Doolan is quoted to have said pastor Angel could go to Zimbabwe anytime he wanted.

“Uebert Angel can go to Zimbabwe any time God says he should go. God is the determining power in all this, remember Uebert Angel is a servant of God and as such he goes where God wants him to be. He is also a business person who is a global citizen and is not restricted to any one geographic area, he is not barred from any country and he is neither a fugitive of the law in any place”.