UCT Has Identified The Man With The “Kill All Whites” T- Shirt


“Kill All Whites”? It’s really annoying to write on this racist stuff and you must accept my apologies if you’re equally bored and annoyed by the lots of racist happenings busily moving from place to place in the country. Hopefully the Justice Department will soon finalizing the Hate Crimes Bill, offender will be criminally charged and we will get to move ahead and stop running about this disgusting, nauseating, ugly racist pool.

That’s appealing huh? The bill if actualized will deter the racist among us from their racist tendencies and the nation will be relieved from the skin color issues bedeviling her. If that’s what we expect, me must publicize, ridicule and render senseless, all manner of racism prior to the arrival of the Hate crime laws.

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A Picture of a man with a shirt that reads “Kill All Whites” have been buzzing around twitter. According to reports, the man was sighted at a various location at UTC with the offensive phrase on his T-shirt.

Gerda Kruger, the executive director of communication and marketing department in a campus announcement related that the institution was alerted about a person entering and sitting in a University of Cape Town dining hall wearing a T-shirt with the outrageous words.

Stating that the immediate investigation of the issue led to the identification of the man in question, and the gathering of relevant evidence, it was disclosed that the man involved is not a UTC student.

“Although he has been involved in Rhodes Must Fall activities on campus. He is not subject to internal UCT disciplinary action. However, other legal channels are being pursued urgently and charges are being brought against the person, including reporting the matter to the SA Police Service and the Human Rights Commission.

The university executive condemns it in the strongest possible terms. Such expression has no place in society, let alone in a university that upholds the values of tolerance, human dignity and respect. The most heinous atrocities have been carried out as a result of hate speech. Countless innocent people have lost their lives as a consequence of such incitement,” states the campus announcement.

UCT described the behavior as a “direct incitement to violence”, condemned it “in the strongest terms possible” alongside “any act or expression that incites violence or promotes hate speech or intimidation in any form.”

The institution as well lectured thus;

It is important to remember that the South African Constitution protects free speech. Free speech includes the right to offend, even the right to be offensive. But what free speech specifically excludes is the right to incitement or a call to action that can result in grievous harm to another person.

The T-shirt message in this matter breaches all limits of free speech. It is hateful and vindictive.

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