UCT Filled With Extreme Hatred Of Whites – Student


A while after the protest match that saw the destruction of most of the University’s properties by the Rhodes Must fall Movement, a UCT student has revealed that there has been an extreme hate against the whites in the university especially among those protesting the accommodation shortage in the school.

The student admitted she was once among those who weren’t able to receive accommodation at the first time of her arrival into the school, said she observed that hate speeches were all over the school even in ways of conversation.

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“One, this shows that there is an extreme hatred of whites. From the way they speak it’s more about apartheid,” she said when asked what had fueled this so-called hatred.

She also confirmed that the university had earlier informed the affected students about shortage of accommodation but that the students failed to help themselves yet the school made alternative provision for them.

“The university let them know that there is no residence available for them [but] they didn’t make other plans.

“Yet they came here and the university rented these lodges, one in Mowbray and one in Observatory, to accommodate them, which is really good. It’s not like the shack they have put up here. It has a bed and a desk and warm water and three delicious meals every day,” she said

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Speaking on the protest that took place on Tuesday, the student said she was unaware of the aim of the protesters but that the protest started earlier that day when the group erected a shark to highlight accommodation shortages. The group claim the university only favors the white students.

Meanwhile, the university management has pledged to remain highly secure in the event of a flare up in violent protests on campus. With the violent attacks that took place in the school recently, the Vice Chancellor Max Price said security will be tightened to ensure the safety of the students and staff

“It means we must be on our guard and on heightened alert. And the precautions we’ll take and are taking are to have private security, to have a good relationship with the Public Order Policing so that if we need to bring them in, we will,” he said.

Speaking on how to accommodate more of its students, Price said the school management was doing all its best to find permanent accommodation for students who have not been placed at a residence.

Price said he supports Rhodes Must Fall’s cause, but does not condone violent protest.

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