SAA Lost R13.8 Billion Under Her, Tyrannical Myeni Must Go – DA


Tyrannical Myeni must go, says the Democratic Alliance (DA) party.

The opposition party reiterated that Myeni’s re-appointment as SAA board chair was irrational.

That, follows the revelations made about Myeni’s performance as the board chair of Mhlathuze Water.

Citing a description given of Myeni at Mhlathuze Water as having ‘tyranical control over the functions of Mlhathuze Water’, DA asserted that the description support its regard of  Dudu Myeni as a corporate warlord.

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She is a corporate warlord who will go to extremes to ensure the enrichment of herself and her close cronies, the party argued.

“There can be no doubt that Dudu Myeni is a tyrant who has no intention of looking after the interests of Mhlatuze Water or SAA. (Her) sole objective is to look after her personal interests and those of the cronies close to her which would likely include President Zuma.

These enrichment tentacles have now clearly extended into the business dealings of Prasa out of which her son, Thalente Myeni, has apparently been enriched to the tune of over R 3 million seemingly without having lifted a finger to earn this,” DA stated.

DA reignited its call for Tyrannical Myeni to be removed from the SAA board.

According to the party, she has driven the company into insolvency and to the brink of liquidation.

“During her reign at SAA the company has accumulated losses that are estimated to amount to R 13.8 billion, and lost R 49. 9 million in the failed cadre enrichment BnP scheme.

(She) irrationally suspended officials who apparently were trying to contain the mismanagement and alleged corruption, (with SAA) at risk of losing lucrative routes such as the Hong Kong route,” the opposition party highlighted.

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Thus, DA indicated that SAA can only be rescued from its crisis if Dudu Myeni is removed as the chair of the board.

Also, the party divulged that it is “working with legal counsel in preparation of the motivation that the cabinet appointment of Myeni as the SAA board chair was irrational.”

The appointment must be reviewed and must be put aside, DA charged.

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