Tyme Bank USSD Code for Cellphone Banking

Tyme Bank USSD code for cellphone banking is *120*543#. To register for Tyme Bank cellphone banking, simply dial *120*543#. Within seconds, you will be able to carry out a wide range of activities, including checking the EveryDay account balance and purchasing airtime and electricity.

In recent times, the use of mobile devices to conduct financial transactions remotely has been rampant as cellphone banking service shares the same features like internet banking service. From a simple SMS menu, Tyme Bank USSD mobile banking provides easy ways to perform banking activities.

Tyme Bank Cellphone Banking USSD Code

By using USSD code―*120*543#, the cellphone banking service provided by Tyme Bank allows its customers to perform financial transactions remotely using any type of cellphone without the need for data. The mobile banking service is usually available on a 24-hour basis.

It works on all major cellphone networks in Mzansi. Once registered, you’ll be receiving instant feedback on any activity performed on the cellphone banking platform. You should only use the mobile phone number linked to your EveryDay account for USSD cellphone banking.

How to Activate Tyme Bank USSD Mobile Banking 

Registering for mobile banking with Tyme Bank involves very quick and easy steps, and they are:

STEP 1: On your mobile phone, dial *120*543#.

STEP 2: Follow the prompts to complete the registration.

What are The Things That I Can do With Tyme Bank USSD Code and Cellphone Banking?

As Tyme Bank mobile banking works via USSD, you can carry out a wide range of activities on the banking platform all by using the USSD code. The activities you can perform with the mobile banking service are as follows:

  • Check EveryDay account balance and the total balance of your GoalSaves
  • Use SendMoney to move instant cash to anyone with a South African mobile phone number
  • Buy prepaid services like airtime and electricity

Soon, Tyme Bank customers will be able to do the following:

  • Move money into your GoalSaves account and equally cash out your GoalSaves
  • Buy data and SMS bundles

To check for account balance using the USSD code:

  • Dial *120*543# or *130*543# (free of charge)

To buy airtime using the USSD code:

  • Dial *130*543#

To buy electricity using the USSD code:

  • Dial *120*543#

How SendMoney Works Using Tyme Bank USSD Mobile Banking

To use SendMoney to transfer instant cash to someone, you need to open a Tyme Bank EveryDay account. The steps involved in SendMoney using USSD are:

STEP 1: Dial *120*543# using the cellphone number linked to your Tyme Bank account.

STEP 2: Follow the on-screen instructions.

STEP 3: Double-check the details entered.

STEP 4: Confirm the amount and cellphone number you are sending money to. If the details are wrong, click 2 to cancel the process.

STEP 5: Once the transaction is successful, you will receive a confirmation message.

Why Do I Need to Register for Tyme Bank Mobile Banking?

There are many benefits attached to using Tyme Bank’s mobile banking service. One of the most important features of the service is that the USSD code has strong encryption and authentication. As such, only you have access to see the information received on your cellphone. With USSD cellphone banking, one can easily perform financial transactions anywhere without needing to visit the bank.

Also, the cellphone banking service is cheap as it doesn’t require data, and the service charge is moderately low. The cost for Tyme Bank USSD mobile banking are as follows:

  • SendMoney Tyme Bank to Tyme Bank is free
  • SendMoney Tyme Bank to non-Tyme Bank account costs only R6 per transaction
  • Standard USSD rates (20c per 20 seconds) apply

FAQs About Tyme Bank Cellphone Banking

Oftentimes, many questions have been raised about Tyme Bank mobile banking, and here are the answers to some of the frequently asked questions.

1. What does it cost to use Tyme Bank cellphone banking?

Standard SMS rates are applicable on the mobile banking platform and cost around 20c per 20 seconds.

2. Do I need a smartphone to register for USSD cellphone banking?

No, mobile banking works on any phone type and not only on smartphones, as it simply uses SMS and requires some airtime but no data.

3. Does USSD cellphone banking work on all South African cellphone service providers?

Yes. Tyme Bank USSD mobile banking works on all cellphone networks in SA.

4. Do I have to be in South Africa to use Tyme Bank cellphone banking?

Yes. You must be in South Africa to access the mobile banking platform as Tyme Bank requires that a South African cellphone number be linked to your account. This makes USSD cellphone banking to only work within Mzansi.

5. Can I only use the phone and the phone number linked to my Tyme Bank account for cellphone banking?

Yes. Tyme Bank needs you to put in the PIN linked to your account for mobile banking, as this will help keep your account safe.

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