Watch And Smile: Two White Men Dancing In A Fuel Station Will Make Your Day


Facebook user Sheshe Lashez Mlotea recently shared a video of two white men dancing at a fuel station while people cheered them on.

The video which has gone viral on the social media is a brief break from the negativity which seems to overwhelm our dear country and citizens.

The sight of the two white men dancing will surely put a smile on even the unhappiest faces.

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The video shows two well dressed men dancing joyously to musician Sipho “Hotstix” Mabuse’s 1983 hit single Burnout. Few seconds into the video‚ a female petrol attendant who couldn’t resist the urge joined the men in the happy dance before two other people join them.

Bystanders continued cheering while the men and their dance partners happily entertained them.

The video which lasted for two minutes and forty-three seconds will leave you with a smile on the face.

The video has already been viewed nearly 382‚000 times and shared over 11‚000 times on Facebook.

However, the Facebook user Sheshe Lashez Mlotea who shared this beautiful piece on Wednesday didn’t include the details.

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Therefore, it’s not yet clear where; why or when the video was shot as Mlotea has not yet responded to requests for comment.

He simply posted: “This is beautiful! Videos like these are the ones that should go viral… Not the racist crap!”

People really agreed with him as one of his friends commented “They look really happy‚ true‚ Sheshe‚ these racist videos are boring seriously now”.

The amount of happiness emanating from the video is enough to change our mood over the recent footage of a brutal attacks on a petrol attendant.