On-Set Stunt Goes Terribly Wrong, Two Movie Stuntmen Drown


Bollywood and the world have been thrown into shock as two movie stuntmen drowned following an on-set stunt gone fatally wrong.

The two men who did not know how to swim leaped to their death from a helicopter and drowned before the rescue team could get to them. The incident was

The incident was related by the police who confirmed that tragedy struck after the men jumped from a helicopter into a lake in southern India during the filming of a movie.

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Actors Raghav Uday and Anil Verma took a leap of faith as part of the action-packed movie while the crew was shooting the climax of the film Monday.

According to Police superintendent Chandra Gupta, the two stuntmen drowned because they did not know how to swim. In addition, they were not wearing life vests as it would have looked odd for the part they were playing. Police has registered a case of criminal negligence against the film’s director and producers, Gupta said.

It just sounds like the producers of the movie left them to die, but this was not so. A motorboat stationed on the banks to quickly pull the actors out of the water developed a fault at the 11th hour and remained ashore. Thus, tragedy struck, leading to the death of two movie stuntmen.

The cameramen watched the two movie stuntmen drown and they couldn’t do anything about it. A footage from the scene shows the two stuntmen landing in the water. In an attempt to survive, they thrashed around for a few seconds before disappearing from view. Local fishermen in small boats were too late as they rowed to the middle of the lake but found no trace of the men.

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Meanwhile, popular actor Duniya Vijay, who also jumped into the water with the stuntmen, managed to swim before a fisherman rescued him.

During an interview with one of the stuntmen, he said he was scared of performing the stunt because it would be the first time. He should have listened to his instincts.