Hawks Also Commit Crime – Members Arrested For Fraud And Drug Offences


The South African Police Service (SAPS) said two Hawks members have been arrested for fraud and drug related crimes.

In a media statement, SAPS related that the two members were arrested earlier this week and are facing various charges.

“Two members of the Hawks are facing various charges after they were arrested earlier this week. Captains Maggy Laura Lebethe, 47, and Mydarling Hlanganane Ndaba, 37, were arrested at about 8am on Wednesday by members of the SAPS National Investigation Unit (NINU) and were charged with fraud, forgery and uttering, perjury, contravention of Section 4(b) of the drugs and drug trafficking Act No.140 of 1992,” the statement divulged.

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The two Hawks members were attached to the Endangered Species and Precious Metals Units in Pretoria.

As alleged, they fraudulently obtained and executed a search warrant at a residence in Bryanston, Johannesburg. SAPS said the members of NINU are expected to make more arrests.

“Lebethe and Ndaba appeared at the Randburg Regional Court on the same day they were arrested and the matter was postponed to 14 July, 2016. They were both released on R5 000 bail each,” SAPS further divulged.

Instances abound in South Africa where law enforcers are apprehended for crimes. In fact, the habitual commission of crimes are often times, regarded as the attributes of SA police officers.

And, it’s widely opined that police crimes are why police killings are rampant in the country.

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The South African Police Union (SAPU) reacted to the high rate of police killings in the country this week, and called on officers to shoot back at criminals when they’re attacked.

“…we can no longer tolerate such killing…respect the police, the police are there to protect. They are there to represent the country. The police are there to protect the community. And we now have realized that it is the same community which is killing our members,” SAPU stated.