Police Arrest Two Foreign Drug Swallowers


South African Police Service (SAPS) said they’ve apprehended two foreign nationals drug swallowers at OR Tambo International Airport.

First, a man travelling on a Nigerian-issued passport was nabbed after it was found that he swallowed cocaine.

The 46 years-old man Identified as Paul Okechukwu was arrested by the Transnational Investigation Team of the South African Police Service shortly after landing from Brazil.

He was en route to Lagos, Nigeria, when scanners revealed that he had swallowed drugs.

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SAPS related that he has already appeared in the Kempton Park Magistrate’s Court to face drug dealing charges and that his case was postponed to 15 June 2016 for residential address verification.

After that, a 24-year-old woman travelling on an Angolan-issued passport was nabbed by the same Investigation Team after it was discovered that she had swallowed  almost a kilogram of cocaine.

She was in transit to the Democratic Republic of Congo, from Sao Paolo, Brazil. And, the value of the cocaine she swallowed was found to be worth two hundred and seventy-one thousand rand.

She has been charged with dealing in drugs and is expected to appear in the Kempton Park Magistrate’s Court as soon as the police are satisfied that she had released all the drugs in her body.

SAPS in a media statement said, “She is the second person this week to have tried the swallowing trick, hoping that she will pass the airport’s checks undetected.

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Continuous attempts by drug mules and dealers at using the OR Tambo International Airport as a transit hub to deliver drugs else where in the country and beyond continue to suffer tremendously due to the heightened level of alertness by the police based there,” SAPS added and admonished drug swallowers to quit endangering their lives by trying to out-smart the security measures.

Quite recently, Hawks busted a drug lab in De Deur run by a Detective Warrant Officer and four other suspects.

Mandrax drugs worth R105milion were recovered at a small-holding with other drug manufacturing equipment.