Twins At 104th Birthday Say Sticking Together Is Their Secret To Longevity


Born preterm in 1912, Paulette and Simone were given the slimmest chance of survival by doctors who thought they would not survive for long, but they did. Now 104 years later, the French twins reveal their secret recipe to longevity as simply sticking together.

The twins were born in the central village of Limeray in France at 11:00 am on January 30, 1912, to Marie Lamolie, a dressmaker, and her husband Joseph, a carpenter almost like the Holy family.

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Their birth did not go as planned as they arrived a little too early into the world.

“We were premature,” says Simone, who is still able to move around these days without the help of a Zimmer frame.

“We were due in March but we were born in January. They gave us a very small chance of surviving. I didn’t even weigh a kilo. And you, just three pounds,” she says to her sister.

“They had to keep us wrapped up for four months.”

The twins were over the moon to pose for the camera at their retirement home in Onzain, central France where they were receiving the care they needed at their old age since neither had any children…

“This will be fun!” they say in a chorus as they get ready for the cameras at their retirement home in France.

Though there has been no official confirmation on it, Paulette and Simone are likely to be the oldest twins in France and maybe the world.

As they show off flowers they received on their 104th birthday from the local council and fellow retirement home residents, one of them said happily “We’re being very spoiled,”

Paulette worked as a hairdresser for 15 years in Algeria and then in Paris. She was widowed at a young age of 36.

Simone, on the other hand, was a dressmaker like her mother and lost her husband when she was 64.

Their only brother died in an accident at the ripe age of 99.

The twins insist that it was their lasting friendship and sticking together that kept them going all this time.

“We are still alive because we have always stayed close,” says one. “We keep our independence — each of us has her own room — but we only need to cross the corridor to see and talk to each other”.

“We pity old people who are alone with no one to visit them.”

The twins spend most of their time keeping up with current affairs, reading, watching television and listening to music.

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Simone also writes poems which she keeps in a notebook.

They spiced it all up with more tips on how to achieve longevity.

“A simple life — no excess. No alcohol. And lots of sport.

“We did gymnastics for a long time, and a huge amount of cycling — almost every day.”

The twins said it all, living a long and healthy life depends on what you do, how you relate to people around you and especially what you eat and drink.