Watch TV Star Minnie Dlamini Talk About Her Vicissitudes In Love


TV star Minnie Dlamini was really in the mood to tell it all during a recent tell-all interview with Anele Mdoda on Real Talk.

During the interview, Minnie touched all aspects of her life, and it hasn’t been all rosy for her. From being an “it girl” to struggling to be someone.

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Moreover, her highly publicized breakup with soccer star Itu left her really heartbroken for a while.

According to Minnie, a lot of factors contributed to their split. The split was not an easy one as she even saw herself marrying him.

However, the TV star has left that part of her life behind and moved on. Towards the end of last year, there were rumours that there is a new guy in her life.

Nevertheless, this new guy seems to be a real keeper and Minnie appears to have been hit by cupid’s arrow.

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Adorable Minnie may have met the man dreams and every woman’s. She spoke passionately about how he takes great care of her; breakfast in bed and all.

“He sees a lot less domesticated Minnie because I’m very spoilt. He spoils me a lot, he cooks for me, he brings me breakfast in bed and does cute things for me. From my perspective, it’s nice to be taken care of for the first time in a long time,” Minnie said.

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Sadly, Minnie refused to divulge the identity of her new catch, keeping all the juicy details to herself.

Sometime last week, TV star Minnie Dlamini made it clear that she will only flaunt her love life on social media when they’re talking marriage.

However, she confirmed that she was already taken at the beginning of this year.