TV Star Bonang Matheba On How She Handles Social Media Bullying


Though SA’s biggest TV star Bonang Matheba does not pay much attention to the negativity people keep throwing at her, she acknowledges the fact that she’s not immune to them.

Queen B is always busy doing what she knows best. Thus, she doesn’t leave any room for negativity but that doesn’t mean she accommodates those who are full of hate on social media. Bonang has on several occasions, shown her social media haters the way out.

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After gracing the latest cover of Glam Africa magazine, TV star Bonang Matheba opened up to the publication about how she deals with the chaos that comes with fame.

Just like other celebrities, Bonang has faced her fair share of attacks from social media. However, she has managed to maintain a relatively private life in the midst of it all. In addition, she has often stayed silent while trolls attack her. Bonang revealed that she’s able to do this simply because she has no time for haters.

“When you’re anonymous you’re able to say whatever you want to whoever‚ whenever‚ so obviously social bullying and people being able to give you their thoughts at any time‚ anywhere – I think that’s the only downside‚ that it’s quite rough out there. I appreciate the input and I appreciate the comment of criticism. What I do not appreciate is the bullying [and] I don’t think anyone is immune to it‚” she said.

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Nevertheless, Bonang agrees that social media has treated her well over the years. Though she has had to deal with a few anomalies.

“Every now and then you just have to put a few people in their place. It comes with the territory. But social media has more positives for me than negatives‚” she added.

Apparently, Bonang has a kind of ‘formula’ which she uses to deal with haters and she’s not backing down on it.