TV Personality Ntando Duma’s Umemulo Pictures Banned On Instagram


One of Mzansi’s sexiest and renowned TV personality Ntando Duma has been left fuming following the treatment she got on Instagram as she officially steps into womanhood.

Ntando and her sister Thando were full of smiles as they celebrated their Umemulo (coming of age) ceremony. The cultural ceremony took place in Orange Farm over the weekend.

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Both family members and close friends; including singer Candy Tsamandebele attended the ceremony. Naturally, pictures were taken to commemorate the event and Natndo decided to share with fans who couldn’t make it.

However, while poor Ntando was busy uploading the pictures from the celebrations; Instagram was also busy taking them down. Apparently, someone in her audience objected to sharing the epic moment with her fans.

According to the star, the pictures she had uploaded were reported and removed from her page. Subsequently, Ntando just had to upload censored versions of the snaps to ensure that they are not removed from the platform.

Meanwhile, her reaction to the removed pictures was nothing short of anger. She responded angrily when her pictures started disappearing from the platform. To her, the pictures were her culture and not nudity;

“This is not nudity, its culture! Ningazos’dina (Don’t p*ss me off)! Report it again, ngizokuLoya (and I will bewitch you);” she captioned one picture.

Candy who witnessed the event first hand, took to the comments section to hit back at the people who reported the image.

“I think the person who reported never had an opportunity to see her or his own girl child (have this ceremony because they) were sleeping around. So now for them to see the girl who was well groomed and respected loving herself so much, it’s killing them deeply. We love you and South Africa loves you, Ntando and Thando,” Candy wrote.

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Meanwhile, Instagram account belonging to TV personality Ntando Duma has been deactivated since she posted the pictures. It’s not yet clear if she’s responsible for that or she was deactivated against her will.