TV Personality Dineo Ranaka Gets Dumped Over Matric Dress


After all the pains TV personality Dineo Ranaka took to mend broken fences with the teenager she treated rather unfairly, Ndabezinhle PR still cut ties with her.

Karma came knocking as a statement released by the public relations company yesterday revealed that they have cut all ties with TV personality Dineo Ranaka. This drastic move follows Dineo’s harsh response when a matriculant asked her for a matric dance dress.

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The company emphasised on Dineo’s refusal to offer a public apology to the teenager against the company’s directives.

“As a PR company, it is our job to protect and create a good image for our clients, however, with this particular situation, there was no crisis management plan in place as the client did not want to apologise.

Though TV personality Dineo Ranaka spent the weekend with the Mnisi family as her way of making amends, the company still saw a need for a publuc apology.

“Miss Ranaka has now officially apologised to the Mnisi family. Her intentions were never to harm or make a mockery of the family as she has dreams of teaching the nation and will continue to do so. She has however declined the option of issuing a public apology.

We have therefore decided to retract ourselves as Miss Dineo Ranaka’s representatives and we wish her all the best.”

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Ndabezinhle PR & Communications took the matter up and extended apologies to the general public as well as the Mnisi family.

“Our reason for visiting their home was never PR. It was to further our dream in adopting young, passionate girls and to be a branch of assistance in furthering their studies and changing lives, as that is one of our visions.”

Dineo is yet to react to this latest development concerning the matric dress saga.