TV Icon Bonang Says She’s So “Guaped” Marriage Is Not Her Problem


TV icon Bonang Matheba is too busy living the life that most of us can only dream of, but she doesn’t see the need to go into marriage just yet.

Evidently, Bonang has not shown much interest in settling down and having kids. Apparently, she still can’t wrap her mind around the idea of being responsible for a little human. And according to her, “who cares” about marriage and kids when you have money?

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Back in May while speaking in an interview with Grazia, TV icon Bonang explained that though she’s in a good place with her career as well as a steady relationship, she is not ready to say ‘i do’ just yet.

“I’d like to get married to a stable‚ mature man before I have children. I want to be very‚ very comfortable before I welcome a bundle of joy into the world. I still want to travel the world‚ sleep late‚ buy expensive shoes‚ buy expensive cars‚ party in the morning and wake up with a hangover once in a while without having to worry.”

Obviously, Queen B still has a lot of things she wants to do before walking down the aisle which comes with a lot of responsibilities.

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While some fans respect her decision some others saw it as an opportunity to mock her. A Twitter user even traveled down memory lane to unearth what Bonang allegedly said in an interview in 2014. The user reminded Bonang that she mentioned that she planned on getting married this year. Thus, she asked where the ring is since the year is almost coming to an end.

Nonetheless, trust Bonang to put any troll in their place. Check out her response.