Pics: Flawless TV Host Khanyi Mbau Bares It All In Recent Photoshoot

Radio personality, actress, and TV host Khanyi Mbau served major heat on Instagram with pictures from her recent photo shoot.

Khanyi looks like a real goddess on the latest cover of Previdar magazine. In fact, one of the pictures from the shoot has been compared to those of reality TV star Kim Kardashian and rapper Nicki Minaj, with all of them going nude and posing in the same manner.

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The TV star, who doesn’t shy away from celebrating her sensuality as a woman, didn’t hold anything back on the cover of the prestigious magazine.

On the cover of the magazine, Khanyi can be seen lying down in a very titillating position. She wore nothing but a pair of sexy black heels and covered only the vital spots with a satin gown.

See some of the mouth-watering pictures of TV host Khanyi Mbau that set Instagram on fire; #💡

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@previdar #💡

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She also shared a behind the scenes video of the photo shoot;

Behind the scenes… making a movie #💡

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Meanwhile, Khanyi Mbau has taken up what she described as the most challenging role of her acting career in an upcoming thriller set for release later this year.

In a recent interview, Khanyi confirmed that she’s currently shooting scenes for the movie, The Red Room. Khanyi who also starred in last year’s romantic comedy Love is a Four Letter Word said that her new role in the thriller has challenged her to step out of her comfort zone. Nevertheless, she is not deterred by mere challenges and is ready to take them up anytime.

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Her role in the film is that of a rich woman named Zama, whose life took a down-plunge. Consequently, Zama gets kicked out onto the dangerous streets, and into the world of human trafficking. The role has been challenging for Khanyi who had to try hard to fit into it.

“My role and the film are very different to anything I have done before. It shows my dark side and is a meatier role. I found it challenging at first, but I am an actor and this is what I signed up for. Acting is my thing and so the role quickly became second nature to me,” Khanyi said.

However, Khanyi said she auditioned for the role because it appealed to her.