Video: Turkish Parliament Debate On Lifting Parliamentarians’ Immunity From Prosecution Turned Into An All-Out Brawl


The soaring height of parliamentary ‘fights’ across the globe is gradually becoming a deep source of worry to many people. There is no gainsaying the fact that Parliament or National Assembly, Congress, Legislative Assembly (as being called in different regions) encompasses personalities with distinct traits, character, temperaments and what have you. But the bottom line is, Parliament should be revered.

Brawl In Turkish Parliament

It was a mass brawl in Turkish parliament on Monday, May 2 as members of ruling AK party and pro-Kurdish opposition punched, kicked and soaked each other in water. The fight ensued between the Kurdish-rooted Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) and the ruling party amid talks about lifting parliamentarians’ immunity from prosecution.

The Kurdish-rooted Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) is being accused of being an extension of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) which is a banned militant group. And when the bill came up on Monday, the HDP resisted it and maintained that the bill is simply targeted at them.

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A previous meeting on the bill was also postponed last Thursday when a scuffle broke out. The shameful scrimmage last week delayed efforts to pass legislation related to Turkey’s deal with the European Union to take migrants in exchange for visa-free travel to the EU and accelerated accession talks.

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While the drama lasted on Monday, Members of Parliament took turns to throw punches at each other while others jumped over desks to help their allies out. Some ministers were also seen hiding behind chairs in order to flee from the maddening scene. Others hurled water bottles at each other and at least one person could be heard challenging opponents by shouting, “Come on, come on.”

In Turkey, lawmakers are immune from prosecution while in office, and legal process in cases against politicians is usually processed once the lawmaker ceases to be a member of parliament.

Just take your time and watch how these ‘honourable members’ exhibited mastery in punching.