Tumi Morake Issues Apology For Down Syndrome Dry Joke


Almost every popular comedian has passed through that stage in their career where a dry joke lands them in serious trouble and Tumi Morake seems to be having one of those moments right now.

The award-winning comedian has issued a public apology after she landed in hot water for making “insensitive” comments about down syndrome earlier this year.

While she may have made the comments in the name of comedy, Tumi had to issued a statement on social media on Wednesday after her comments were cast into the spotlight by a rebroadcast of the comedy roast battle. Apparently hurt by her comments, a mom who has a child with down syndrome called Tumi out on social media, condemning the “hurtful” comments.

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“Dear Tumi, last night on Comedy Central Africa, they played your roast battle. I was very very disappointed to hear you say your opponent was two p***y klaps away from having down syndrome. As a parent of a child with down syndrome this was hurtful and just unacceptable,” the woman wrote on Instagram.

Subsequently, Tumi took to her Facebook page to apologise to the mother, saying she never meant to discriminate or hurt anyone with her comments..

“A while ago we did the roast comedy battle and in the height of insulting each other I used down syndrome in a punchline. I apologise unreservedly for my comments. I do not condone in any way the discrimination against or the ignorance around people with DS,” she said.

Adding that she also has a niece with the down syndrome, the comedian admitted that her joke was insensitive. Apparently, she wasn’t thinking of the effect it could have on people when she made it.

“My niece also has down syndrome. It was a comedy environment, I wasn’t thinking, we were just going for the punch, I apologise unreservedly. It won’t make it right but I hope you hear that I acknowledge the insensitivity of it. I hope you can forgive me. I have just watched the clip back and you have every right to be upset. Again, it really was not out to discriminate or hurt.”

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She promised to try and make things right, adding that the apology and repair will be as public as the offence.

Regardless, the comments on the post shows that Tumi Morake will really have to do more than just apologise to get her fans to forgive her. Notwithstanding, she’s not giving up on them and has taken her time to reply to each comment.