ANC Plans To Take Over Tswhane: Document Reveals Plans To Unseat Solly


Another newly leaked document has revealed that the ruling African National Congress (ANC) in Tshwane are still mapping out strategic plans on how to unseat Solly Msimanga

A document reportedly prepared by the ruling party in Tshwane reveals a strategy by the party to use underhanded tactics to sabotage the newly elected Democratic Alliance-led (DA) government.

According to Business Day reports, the document, titled ‘A Strategy and Tactics Document’, was to be used by the party to take back the capital from the opposition by ensuring it “exploits” situations that would “accelerate the toppling” of the DA, forcing the metro to be placed under its administration.

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The document was allegedly presented at the ANC’s regional lekgotla in Erasmia, Pretoria, just two months after the 2016 municipal polls that saw the DA taking control of the city.

However, the paper could not determine whether or not the ANC in Tshwane had adopted the stance suggested in the document.

ANC lekgothla covered by Times Media on Scribd


This is not the first time the media reported plans by the ANC to unseat Solly and take over leadership in Tshwane municipality.

Report had it last year, that the ruling party had intensified their plans to take back their lost municipalities – like Tshwane and Johannesburg- from the hands of its main opposition party,

While the DA-led mayors in the ANC lost metros try to stabilise the cash-strapped city’s finances, the ANC is licking its lips in anticipation as it gets ready to unseat the party by having the metro placed under provincial administration.

According to reports, the DA has been concerned that the whip with which they thrashed the ANC might come back to haunt them. The party believed the ANC is making plans to use the controversial smart meter contract with service provider PEU as a stepping stone towards achieving its aim.

Teboho Joala, the ANC’s Tshwane spokesperson, admitted to Business Day that the document was presented to the party, although he claimed the document had been doctored and had “statements” not seen before.

Joala reiterated that the ANC would one day regain control of Tshwane again. “We’re not hiding our objectives, but it will be done through proper, above-board democratic processes,” he said.

This revelation about ANC’s plans to unseat Solly comes at the time the mayor revealed that 105 officials have been linked to fraud and corruption racket within the city’s licensing department which is believed to have been running for several years.

The mayor delivered a briefing in Centurion on a range of issues, where he announced that 12 licensing officials have already been suspended. He said corrupt officials de-register vehicles with fines attached to the accounts, backdate them before re-registering them in order to clear the accounts of those fines.

“There are fines that are supposed to be paid before people get their licenses. What they do is that they corrupt the system and register people or create an avenue where that revenue is lost and registered as an unrecoverable amount.”

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He says the implicated officials will also face criminal charges and that he would still need to establish exactly how long this scam has been operating for and how much the City has lost in revenue.

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