Tshwane Riot Could Give DA A Leap To Victory In 2016 Election


The Tshwane violent protest is over leaving behind a lasting effect on the residents and even political parties like the ruling African National Congress (ANC).

But for opposition parties like the DA, it could be a leap to victory in the 2016 election

The over three days violent protests in Tshwane which was sparked off by ANC’s announcement of Thoko Didiza as the mayoral candidate of Tshwane ahead of the 2016 election, is one of such politically linked violence that has captured the nation’s attention.

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New election poll data from eNCA and Ipsos shows that the recent riots in Tshwane have had a significant impact on people’s prospective voting direction in the city – massively in favor of the DA.

In the survey, a demographically representative group of people made up of adults across all racial groups (majority black – 74%) between the ages of 18 and over 50, from low to middle-income households were questioned how the protest would affect their choice of leadership.

According to the poll, nearly a third of people interviewed say the recent violence in Tshwane, affected who they’re likely to vote for and interestingly, the DA is now ahead of the ANC in Tshwane by 19 percentage points.

In the first week poll, the results showed that the DA would win two of the three most hotly-contested metros – Nelson Mandela Bay and Tshwane, with Johannesburg still under the control of the ANC.

It also said that the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) lost 2 percentage points in Nelson Mandela Bay, but gained the equivalent in both Tshwane and Johannesburg.

However, the DA victories in each province were marginal, with many respondents still uncertain of their voting decision.

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In the week 3 poll – which took place amid riots in Tshwane, where ANC members were expressing their unhappiness with the ANC’s 2016 election candidate list, the poll results show a drop in undecided voters, and a large upswing in DA votes across all three metros.

“After last week’s violent protests in Tshwane, both the EFF and ANC saw a 4 percentage point increase in negative party sentiment. Concurrently, positive party sentiment for the DA increased by 6 percentage points” the poll survey revealed.

The polls show a DA victory in all three cities, with the widest gap between the DA and the ANC seen in Tshwane.