Tshwane: Over 200 Fired Workers Head To Court For Reinstatement


Over 200 people who were fired by the city of Tshwane under Mayor Msimanga, have decided to turn to the court in demand to be reinstated.

The workers who agreed to unanimously approach the high court to see to it that they were reinstated into work force, said they were first employed by a company rendering services to the metro, with an agreement that they will be absorbed permanently by the end of their 24-month contract.

The agreement was made by the former administration led by the then executive mayor Kgosientsho Ramokgopa, one which the current the new mayor Solly Msimanga regards as illegal.

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One of the fired employees Sitha Sihlali said mayor Msimanga had had talks with them severally where he maintained his decision to let them go as part of his plans to clean up the mess he allegedly inherited from the previous administration.

“He kept saying ‘I inherited a mess from the ANC of which I’m trying to sort out.’ So it looks like we are part of the mess that he is sorting out.”

At the same time, Msimanga says the metro is seeking ways to absorb only some of the workers, citing that it cannot afford a blanket absorption.

“We cannot do a blanket absorption of everybody if we haven’t accepted that those who need to be absorbed, will actually be adding value.”

Mayor Msimanga who remains determined to turn things around for the benefit of all Tshwane citizens, has however agreed to work in unity with ANC Guteng’s premier, David Makhura, giving no room for party politics to come in the way of working together with provincial government.

Makhura who delivered his 2017 State of the Province Address (Sopa) in Randfontein said he is committed to working with all the mayors, irrespective of the party they represent.

“Politics must never be about power and ceremony and the attempted rush to appear in the news.”

At the same time, mayor Msimanga agreed with Makhura’s view to work together, saying: “I’m saying we can debate but we can do so in a matured manner. We can do so while having the best interests of our people at heart.”

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While workers await court’s decision on the matter, some workers also await court’s final rule on the case filed against have acting energy director who called them ka**rs and baboons.

Though Frans du Toit declined all allegations laid against him, city of Tshwane spokesperson Samkelo Mgobozi said the allegations the regional office met with the complainants and their union to discuss the matter.