DA’s Msimanga Tells Tshwane People To Vote Him Out If He Fails To Deliver


Tshwane Mayor Msimanga has solemnly promised to deliver his electoral promises to the people regardless of the fact that the capital city was in alarming ruin when he took over from his predecessor.

Delivering a report on his first 100 days in office on Monday, Msimanga said his primary assignment is to put smiles on the faces of the masses and fix the mess the ANC-led administration left in Tshwane.

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He promised that his government must bring about the change people have been yearning for, adding that it might take time but must surely come.

“…Appreciating that we inherited what we can only describe as a mess with unlawful contracts and costly projects, now we have to ensure that we turn that ship around. That ship is going to turn around, it might take a little bit of time but I can guarantee you that the ship will turn around,” he said.

Mayor Msimanga disclosed that some of his administration’s achievements include the launching of several programs and mechanisms designed to save Tshwane’s money, strategic sourcing of goods, an open tender system, e-procurement systems and establishment of disciplinary actions against some city officials.

Notably, the mayor’s 100 days commemoration coincided with the signing ceremony of performance agreement contracts by Tshwane’s members of the mayoral committee (MMCs).

In September, just days after his victory, Msimanga highlighted some of his achievements, which include banning of a blue light brigade for all officials in Tshwane and himself.

Secondly, he discovered another ‘Nkandla’ erected by the ANC in the metro, which he dubbed “Nkandla 2.0”. The new-found Nkandla is actually the Pretoria City Hall, which the ANC lavished a whopping R90m on – which the mayor says is a shame.”

Another milestone achievement highlighted was the cancellation of all inaugural party, customary inaugural events, celebratory dinners, and lunches organized for city officials. According to the newly-elected mayor, Tshwane officials must learn to put the people first before themselves.

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Another striking accomplishment was the re-programming of all international travel for officials. Tshwane Mayor Msimanga insisted that such travels will only be permitted after they have been subjected to cost-benefit analyses and approved by the mayoral committee.

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