Not Again! DA Discovers Taxpayers Paid Over R90, 000 For Bathroom Tiles Of Former Mayor


The administration of the African National Congress (ANC) in Tshwane has come and gone but the mess they left behind has continued to raise deeper concerns in the city.

Prior to the ousting of the ruling party in the city, former ANC mayor Kgosientso Ramokgopa embarked on the renovation of the iconic Tshwane City Hall, which cost almost R100 million.

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But feedback from a recent tour of the historic 1931-build structure showed that the supposed renovation was a disguise for mass looting and theft by the ANC-led administration.

Briefing journalists on an exclusive tour of the Tshwane City Hall in the city centre on Thursday, incumbent Mayor Solly Msimanga described the refurbishment as the most absurd construction he has ever seen.

That apart, the DA mayor said the shocking aspect of the whole deal was when he discovered that the city was billed a whopping R100,000 for the former city mayor’s bathroom tiles.

Not only that, Msimanga disclosed that taxpayers were charged R8,000 [a meter] for walls leading to his office to have wallpaper and that the city spent a total of about R200‚000 on the wallpapers.

It is understood that Msimanga’s predecessor approved the renovation of the City Hall to accommodate him and his staff.

Mayor Msimanga slammed the ANC mayor and the renovation contractor for making a mess of the project. He said when he stepped into the main hall, he realised that the seats in the balcony and most door handles had all been stolen.

On the second floor, he found computer servers placed opposite sunlight. In the old Pretoria Council Chamber, the mayor said he was shocked when he discovered that workers decided to paint on top of huge heritage paintings.

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He admitted that several companies who had wanted to use the city hall for shooting films – one of them actually wanted to shoot Mandela’s Rivonia trial – quickly changed their minds due to the reckless state of the building.

In conclusion, Msimanga said he’s left with no choice now but to clean up Ramokgopa’s mess in order to restore dignity to the city hall.