Tshwane Enforces Water ‘Shedding’ As Residents Fail To Cut Use


Still on measures to cut out water abuse amid harsh drought effect, the city of Tshwane government has taken a stand to implement water shedding as a measure that will help water management in the city.

The city government took to this after city residents failed to heed municipality’s plea for a cut on water usage.

City mayor Solly Msimanga announced the city’s stand on water shedding after announcing that a number of water-saving measures were being implemented, including the throttling of the city’s water supply to keep reservoirs at good levels.

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 Last month, BuzzSouthAfrica reported that the city metro had through the Tshwane MMC for infrastructure Darryl Moss, announced water restrictions and appealed to residents to use the scarce resources sparingly.

“We are at a situation where generally countrywide the dams and the water system are at a low level, lower than they have been for many years, particularly the Vaal River system, which includes the Lesotho Highlands, Sterkfontein Dam and the Vaal Dam. That is where we get over 80% of our water from,

“That system is currently very low. The national department of water and sanitation has stated that drawing water from the Vaal River system should be limited. That is to protect the water resource” he told reporters at a briefing in Pretoria.

Seeing that the call for a restricted water usage isn’t yielding positive fruits, the City mayor Solly Msimanga announced a number of water-saving measures being implemented, including the throttling of the city’s water supply to keep reservoirs at good levels.

He said there will also be a scheduled “load-shedding” plan, while flow restrictors will be installed at high water consumption users and retirement villages, complexes and businesses will be part of the areas to face the restriction.

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To ensure strict compliance to the new measures, the municipality said it will set up a customer care centre and SMS line so that residents and citizens can quickly report water leaks and burst pipes.

The city had once again, called on residents  and all citizens to reduce their water usage by 15% in August – but residents failed to heed the directive, managing only to reduce usage by a paltry 2.7%. Hence, the city took it upon themselves to do the restrictions.