Truth About ProVerb’s Ex-wife Onalerona Moreo

Onalerona Moreo is the former wife of ProVerb, a South African TV personality and rapper well-known as the host of Idol SA. She is the managing director of Oreom Marketing, an event management company.

Moreo was married to ProVerb for 10 years before their marriage crashed. She remarried in 2018 to James Mohlaba.

Onalerona Moreo’s Biography Summary

  • Full name: Onalerona Moreo Mohlaba
  • Nickname: Rona
  • Gender: Female
  • Ethnicity: Black
  • Nationality: South African
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christian
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Onalerona Moreo’s Husband: James Mohlaba (m. 2018)
  • Onalerona Moreo’s Ex-husband: ProVerb (m. 2005; div. 2016)
  • Onalerona Moreo’s Children: Three
  • Famous for: Her marriage to TV personality and rapper, ProVerb
  • Onalerona Moreo’s Instagram: @oreom_marketing

Where is Onalerona Moreo From?

Onalerona Moreo hails from Parktown in the North of Johannesburg. Information regarding her date of birth and immediate family is unavailable. Nonetheless, she is presumed to be born in the 1980s since she was her ex-husband’s high school sweetheart.

As high school lovers, it is also believed that ProVerb and his former wife attended the same high school, St. Patrick’s College.

She Became Famous as ProVerb’s Wife

The businesswoman, now known as the managing director of Oreom Marketing, was first introduced to the media as the significant other of Idol SA host, ProVerb. The two entered into a romantic relationship while in high school.

After Onarelona got pregnant for the music producer when he was 23 years old, he embarked on a forever journey with his long-term partner.

ProVerb, whose real name is Tebogo Sidney Thapelo Thekisho, revealed in his book entitled “The Book of ProVerb” that his late mother, Dr. Nomonde Thekisho, fought against his decision to tie the knot with Onalerona. As a result, she was absent on his wedding day. Onalerona Moreo walked down the aisle with her high school boyfriend in 2005.

Soon after the wedding, the couple welcomed their first child. Some years later, they further expanded their family with the arrival of their second child. Onalerona Moreo and ProVerb were one of Mzansi’s cutest couples, as they seemed happy in love. Following her marriage to a celebrity, the businesswoman was quite popular in the country.

Sadly, the beautiful couple’s love story ended ten years after becoming man and wife. In 2014, it was reported that there was trouble in the couple’s paradise and that their marriage was on the verge of hitting rock bottom. The two reportedly attended counseling sessions in order to save their union. Eventually, in 2015, Onalerona and ProVerb got separated.

Why Did Onalerona Moreo Divorce ProVerb?

Onalerona and ProVerb jointly agreed to go for a divorce in 2015 after efforts to work things out in their marriage seemed unproductive. It was reported in mid-2015 that the Parktown native was cheating on her husband with the business tycoon Edwin Sodi, the founder of the Blackhead Group. Based on the report, the two started the illicit affair in 2013 after meeting at a car wash in Ruimsig, west of Johannesburg.

Soon after their meeting, they started spending time together, dining at different restaurants where they showed affection for one another in public. It was alleged that Sodi lured Moreo into the affair by purchasing her expensive gifts as her husband wasn’t financially well off then. The businessman even took ProVerb’s wife to Dubai in June 2014, where they celebrated her birthday.

Edwin Sodi reportedly bragged to his friends about sleeping with Onalerona Moreo and claimed to have introduced her to a good life. Even though Moreo introduced Edwin Sodi to her husband as a friend she met at a car wash, the media personality sensed that something was up between them as she was acting somewhat strange.

He eventually learned about Onalerona’s cheating after a journalist called him in 2014 to inform him about his wife’s trip to Dubai with Sodi. He was devastated as his wife lied to him that the overseas visit was just a business trip. He then confronted Onalerona Moreo afterward about her extramarital affair with Edwin Sodi. Even though she denied it initially, ProVerb could tell that the cheating rumor was true from her body language.

Onalerona eventually opened up to her husband about the affair, and the two tried to work things out in their marriage. They went for counseling, hoping for things to go back the same. Sadly, they realized that they couldn’t be together anymore and decided to call it quits in 2015.

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ProVerb attested to his wife’s cheating in a social media post and pleaded with his fans not to judge her in order to protect his children. The former couple’s divorce was later finalized in the next year.

Who is ProVerb’s Ex-wife Married to?

Onalerona Moreo is married to businessman James Mohlaba. The couple are both divorcees and got remarried in September 2018 at Onalerona’s father’s home in Parktown, North of Johannesburg. ProVerb’s ex-wife is said to have welcomed her third child with her new man. She decided to give love a second chance when she met James Mohlaba at an Anglican Church in her hometown.

Onarelona Moreo and her ex-husband went through a rough period after their divorce. The rap artist even tried to take his life when he found out about his wife’s cheating, but his suicide attempt failed. Onalerona, on the other hand, decided to give herself time to heal. She faced public humiliation, but she devoted herself to prayer and meditation.

Eight months after her divorce, ProVerb’s ex-wife decided to share her ordeal with the public. She wrote a lengthy post on Instagram about being devasted when the story about her extramarital affair hit the internet and how she would face judgment from her family and South Africa as a whole. Thankfully, she recovered from the dark moment after handing everything over to God and is now enjoying marital bliss with her new husband.

What Does Onalerona Moreo Do For a Living?

Onalerona Moreo is a businesswoman. She works as the managing director of Oreom Marketing. The event management company is 100 percent black women owned and has a national footprint. Oreom Marketing is in a league of its own, as the firm can bring any creative concept to life. It specializes in the following:

  • Sponsorship management
  • Project management
  • Brand activations
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