Truth About Kamo Mphela’s Car, House and Net Worth

Kamo Mphela’s net worth is $300,000 (roughly R5 million). She currently drives a Mercedes Benz V-Class V300D, which was purchased for slightly more than 2 million Rands.

Mphela can do it all, whether singing, acting, or dancing. However, she is best known as a singer and dancer. She started dancing as a kid and has sold her craft before large audiences at various events in the country. The fast-rising dancer has continued to make waves since she rose to stardom in 2019.

Sources of Kamo Mphela’s Net Worth of $300,000

Kamo Mphelahas has a net worth of $300,000. Here’s a breakdown of how she makes her money.

I. Music

Kamo Mphela was first a dancer before a professional singer. She earned her big break in 2019 after her dance went viral on the internet. So far, she has successfully converted her fame as an amapiano dancer into a musical career by converting her physical swagger into a captivating vocal presence. She launched her music career in 2019, a year after she became a professional dancer.

One outstanding thing about her music is the fact that she easily glides between genres – thanks to her blended upbringing in Durban suburbia and Johannesburg township.

Kamp currently has released several music projects since she broke into mainstream success. Her first project, an EP titled: Twentee, was released in 2019 under Major League Musc label, while the banger Nkunlunkulu dropped in 2021.

She recently released another hit titled Havana Montana. Kamo does not only make good fortune from these works, but they also get the crowd moving, whether she’s performing at a club or entertaining stadium-sized audiences at events.

II. Dancing

Mphela’s first foray into the entertainment industry was as a dancer, as mentioned earlier. She fell in love with dancing as a kid. While growing up, she used to follow her father to work and events, where she would display her dancing talent before large crowds. She inherited her entertainment gene from her father.

While in high school, she was well-known and also loved by her friends for her dance skills. Kamo was supposedly making extra cash through dance until 2019, when one of her dance videos went viral and turned her into a celebrity overnight.

III. Collaborations with Other Artists

Mphela is known to have collaborated with notable South African artists on music projects. Apart from featuring some of these artists in her songs, she has also banded together with several prominent artists, including but not limited to the late Killer Kau, singer Busiswa, and Nadia Nakai.

Kau was one of the people she worked with in her budding years. She linked up with the singer – first to dance, then on his 2019 single “Lebanta.” The deejay duo Major League DJz also played influential roles in her career transition.

The money she charges for a feature contributes to her overall wealth. Kamo has been featured in a couple of amapiano songs both as a singer and dancer. Some of them include the bangers Sukendleleni and Labantwana Ama Uber.

IV. Record Sales

Mphela has sold thousands of her records both offline and on several online music platforms. A lot of people also stream her songs on platforms like Spotify and YouTube, and she makes a lot of money from this.

V. Live Performances

Kamo Mphela frequently performs at several well-known nightlife locations. She has also dazzled crowds at numerous events with a who’s who of celebrities with her singing and dancing abilities, including the 2020 Ultra Music Festival South Africa.

She was given the title “Queen of Amapiano” due to the extraordinary and thrilling nature of her live performances. This explains why she demands such exorbitant prices for live performances.

V1. MC

Mphela used to be an event MC in high school before stardom. The money she made as an MC then is believed to have contributed to her overall wealth.

Kamo is Presently Under Contract with the Major League Music Record Label

Kamo is currently signed to Major League Music. the label signed her shortly after she gained notoriety. The label is run by the gifted twin brothers Bandile and Banele Mbere, also known as Major League DJz in the music industry.

The two have achieved success as hip-hop and kwaito music artists throughout the years. With the label, Mphela’s music career has experienced significant growth. She partnered with Major League DJz on a few musical projects and released all of her tracks under the name.

How Much Does the Singer Demand for a Performance?

Kamo Mphela bills R35,000 per performance. This payment is separate from the sum her clients pay for lodging and travel for her and her crew. It’s not surprising that she charges so much because she’s one of the top performers in the nation right now.

Even though it costs a lot of money to get Mphela on stage, she hardly ever has a free week because she sells her craft nonstop at different locations. She has traveled to cities outside of South Africa thanks to her talent.

Kamo Mphela’s Cars

Kamo Mphela owns a Mercedes Benz V-Class V300D that she purchased in August 2022 for 2 million Rands. The V300d is driven by Merc’s OM 654 2.0-liter turbodiesel engine, which has been tweaked to produce 176 kW and 500 Nm, in contrast to its other V-Class siblings, which are propelled by an outdated 2.1-liter turbodiesel engine. It also comes with a 9-speed automatic transmission.

The singer expressed her desire to upgrade to a V-300 in a tweet from January 2022. She wasn’t driving an automobile that was widely known at the time.

Since she purchased it, Kamo’s new vehicle has grown to be her favorite. When she feels like hanging out with her pals or attending public events, she is frequently spotted riding it. It is unknown how many cars she has.

Kamo Mphela’s House

Regarding the singer’s residence, its location, and its features, nothing is publicly known. She hasn’t discussed her home in the media. Being a celebrity, she is rumored to live in a suitable apartment in one of the most prestigious neighborhoods in the nation.

Inside Kamo Mphela’s Incredibly Livish and Glam Life

Kamo Mphela is one of South Africa’s amapiano musicians on the rise. The “Nkulunkunlu” crooner completely propelled herself into the position of one of the biggest stars in the entertainment industry, and she is currently leading a lavish life.

The singer has a lot to be happy about, and judging by appearances, she does so frequently. It is obvious that Kamo has more than enough money to live the life she desires. She certainly has the world at her feet, as she can afford exotic cars, jewels, and fashionable clothing.

The Soweto-born star is outfitted by eminent designers. She puts in a lot of effort, but she also knows how to have fun. Kamo occasionally indulges herself by taking vacations. She is frequently lavished with pricey presents by her loved ones. She is generally living the life most people can only imagine.

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