Trumpshaba: A New Name For Joburg’s Mayor Mashaba


Mayor Herman Mashaba’s active war against corruption through a policy that plans to get rid of illegal foreigners in the city of Johannesburg has gained him a new name – Trumpshaba.

Earlier this week, the ANC described Herman Mashaba’s tendencies as Trump-like (summed Trumpshaba) and it seems they are not alone in giving the mayor the new name as the Washington released a publication having a similar perception about the mayor.

Like Trump, mayor “Trumpshaba” has had much less controversy since taking office as mayor of Johannesburg. The controversy he has had though, has mostly come from the ANC.

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The mayor has been in the news over his alleged war against foreign nationals in Joburg city. Just like the newly elected president of the United States, Donald J. Trump who has waged war against immigrants from foreign countries, especially countries dominated by Muslims. These countries include Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen.

Mashaba’s decision to wage a war against illegal foreigners was spurred by a report detailing alleged fraudulent activity and misconduct perpetrated by eight current employees at Joburg Theatre.

The contents of the report came from an investigation into the authenticity of asylum permits and special work permits held by various foreign nationals employed in the catering and hospitality sections of the theatre.

Investigations into the alleged fraudulent activity was conducted by Nexus Forensic Services. In its investigations, the firm uncovered evidence revealing that six asylum permits held by implicated employees were fraudulent while two other permits had expired in early June 2016.

Though comments by the mayor have been termed to give further rise to xenophobic attacks and a move that will further affect the growth of the country’s major economic hub, the mayor took further steps towards achieving his aim by using a special task force team to smoke them out from all their perceived hiding places.

He claimed that foreign nationals who are in Johannesburg without documentation are linked to criminal activity in the city.

Both Trump and Mashaba have expressed strong desire to get rid of illegal immigrants, the ANC is now jumping on these similarities.  Jolidee Matongo is the ANC’s spokesperson for greater Joburg and she is not happy. Matongo called on DA Councillors resist Mashaba’s “Trump-like tendencies.”

On Monday, President Trump fired someone of his own, national security adviser Michael Flynn and the following day, it was announced that mayor Mashaba (Trumpshaba) had fired the metro’s political head of environmental and infrastructure services, Anthony Still who he accused of being in the way of combating corruption, allegations that Still denies.

The mayor still promises that he and his team will do all they can to fight crime, adding that foreign nationals play an important role and are welcome in his City.

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Meanwhile, the Democratic Alliance (DA) has been trying to save its reputation as a party capable of governing in South Africa’s richest province following a series of gaffes by its mayor in Johannesburg.

Hoping to use its control of administrations in Johannesburg, Pretoria, the capital, and Nelson Mandela Bay, as well as its political stronghold in Cape Town, to showcase its credentials as a party ready to govern the nation, the opposition party  has assembled a task team to supervise the four big municipalities it’s running in alliance with smaller parties.