Not Again; Truman Finds Himself In Another Mess


Not yet done with cases in court, the controversial Beaufort West Mayor Truman Prince has gotten himself entangled in yet another allegation of assaulting a woman.

67 years old DA Councillor Magdalena Slabbert, has accused Truman Prince of publicly pushing her when she trying to intervene during a ‘racist rant’, in which the mayor called a community member “f****n tweegevreet (two-faced)” for ditching the ANC to join the DA.

The Democratic Alliance (DA) ward Councillor, Slabbert further said while the community was still having its meeting at her ward to discuss issues of land claim, voters registration and bursaries, Prince seized the opportunity to stir up racial hatred, telling black people in attendance that “you are like a slave to the Boer”.

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Slabbert claimed she tried to bring the situation under control, but was obstructed by Prince who refused to give her the microphone and pushed her.

“I didn’t fall”, she said

“I am 67 years old; if I had fallen and broken a hip, I would have sued him,”

Slabbert said she laid a complaint to council speaker and to local government MEC Anton Bredell. When asked about the alleged assault, James Styan, Bredell’s spokesman said they are yet to receive the complaint.

Truman Prince has earlier been accused of assaulting a female traffic officer after he was stopped for speeding in Leeu Gamka in the Karoo last year.

Earlier this year, Prince was fined R10000 for bringing the ANC into disrepute after he asked that a tender be given to a construction company ‘sympathetic’ to the ruling party.

Despite all the serious accusations laid against him, Prince seems not to be moved. Opposition parties like the DA have even called for his immediate suspension.

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