Truecaller: Everything You Should Know About the Innovative Mobile App

Nobody likes getting interrupted during an important engagement only to be called by an anonymous person and be sold a product or service he or she might not be interested in. There has been a tremendous increase in the number of such unsolicited calls some of which are automated bait calls; going to the extent of informing recipients that they have just won millions of cash, a car and a trip all at the same time. These calls are so annoying because they are fake and are intended to exploit or waste your time. In the past, most people choose to ignore call form unknown numbers to protect themselves from fraudsters. However, ignoring calls is not a good idea because sometimes you may end up ignoring people with genuine reasons.

That was the main reason Truecaller was established. Truecaller is an app for smartphones that shows users the name of the person who is calling even if you have not saved the users address in your contacts. In addition to that, it also gives you information on callers who are beyond your address book such as marketers and spam calls. It is very efficient when it comes to identifying and blocking unwanted calls. Since it was released in 2009, Truecaller now boasts of having over 250 million users globally. The reason behind its success is because of amazing features that they have always added to ensure that the user experience and privacy is projected. Here is everything you should know about this innovative mobile app.

Set up

Installing Truecaller in your smartphone is easy and straightforward. All that you need to do is to download the app from Google Play Store (for android users) or App store (Apple IOS users). You then need to create an account or you can choose to use your Facebook account to log in. Once installed successfully, Truecaller will ask for a few permissions in order to give you the best experience. Typically, Truecaller will only manage and make calls (with your full control of course).

Features of Truecaller App You Should Really Know About

1. Blocks spam calls

Are you tired of getting spam call especially from telemarketers? Truecaller has a feature that blocks and report spam callers. Even when you pick a call, then realize that it is a spam call, you can block and report that particular number so that you never get a call from that person again. Reporting or blocking spam callers is crucial because it also helps other Truecaller users within your circle to avoid them too.

2. Caller ID

If you are the type of person who don’t like answering phone calls without an idea of who is calling, Truecaller has got you covered. It features real time Caller ID that shows you the name and location of the caller even if you don’t have their number on your phonebook. In addition, it will also let you know how many other Truecaller users have identified that particular number as spam.

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3. Blocks spam SMS

Truecaller lets you see who is sending you a message and automatically filter out spam messages for you.

4. Flash

Flash Messaging is the new way to communicate with your friends and family! Flash maintains the urgency of phone calls while being a simpler and short-answered way of messaging. It’s fast, free and fun! There are moments in our lives when we need quick answers for simple questions. With the sense of urgency being low for responding to SMS we needed a new way to ensure that people get closure in communication.

5. Number and name lookup

Another feature that is extremely helpful is the ability to search for any number and find out who it belongs to. Currently, Truecaller has over 3 billion phone numbers to search through, meaning that you can find out the owner of most of the numbers that you search. All you need to do is simply to copy past a missed called number or type the number manually on the search bar then Truecaller will do the rest for you.

6. Ask to call back

When both ends have Truecaller installedTruecaller can send a notification to the receiver to inform him/her to call you back in case the call is not answered.

With the newly built-in dialer feature, Truecaller is becoming the default dialer for  users because they provide a superior experience next to the standard providing a gateway for user’s to fully communicate with each other at the right time and to the right person.

Integrated new features:

  • Smart Call History replaces unknown numbers with real names and faces in your call history, even for numbers that are not saved in your contacts.
  • Availability shows you if your friends are free to talk before you call. Now you’ll never get a busy signal or interrupt someone again.
  • Built-in dialer allows you to make all your calls directly with Truecaller.

With all these features, the users can easily replace their existing phone app and make and identify all calls directly with Truecaller.

In conclusion, if you don’t like to guess but would rather prefer to identify unknown callers when making or receiving calls, Truecaller is an ideal app to install. The app is easy to use with amazing features not to mention the rich user experience.


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